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Server time (UTC): 2023-09-24 04:12

S2 RDM on the NWAF 9pm (server time) 18th of Jan


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Server and location: S2 NWAF

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): around 09.00

Your in game name: Wilbert Tschida

Names of allies involved: my friends Vladimir (probably Tolsky) and Dean Kent, 3 guys we met before

Name of suspect/s: unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none

Detailed description of the events: Me and my friends who I met in Zeleno came to the AF and met 3 guys in gasmasks, they were friendly. Then later we entered a barack and my friends became guarded as we heard some voices outside maybe some threats I couldnt hear clearly. then a grenade came in, Dean died, then flashbang came in and I being blinded shot at the door and probably killed one as there was laying a corpse later. It turned out there were those 3 guys in gasmasks and they said they were shot at previously and thought it was us who shot them. So me and Vladimir went outside, then I saw gas masked guy bandaging himself and his friend laying on the ground, I tried to bandage him but he was already dead, and then I got a headshot myself. There were no demands from whoever to surrender or whatever, no interaction, so imo that was a pure RDM.

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Kill Logs:

20:57:53 | Player "Wilbert Tschida"(id=) has been killed by player "Lorenzo Malvo"(id=)

Hit Logs:

20:57:53 | "Lorenzo Malvo(uid=) SHOT Wilbert Tschida(uid=) by Winchester70 into LeftArm."
20:57:53 | "Wilbert Tschida(uid=) STATUS S::500 B::1325.54 H::4742.34 HP::0."
20:57:53 | "Lorenzo Malvo(uid=) SHOT Wilbert Tschida(uid=) by Winchester70 into LeftArm."
20:57:53 | "Wilbert Tschida(uid=) STATUS S::1000 B::825.536 H::4542.34 HP::0."
20:57:53 | "Lorenzo Malvo(uid=) SHOT Wilbert Tschida(uid=) by Winchester70 into LeftArm."
20:57:53 | "Wilbert Tschida(uid=) STATUS S::1500 B::325.536 H::4342.34 HP::0."
20:57:53 | "Lorenzo Malvo(uid=) SHOT Wilbert Tschida(uid=) by Winchester70 into RightArm."
20:57:53 | "Wilbert Tschida(uid=) STATUS S::2000 B::-174.464 H::4142.34 HP::0."

Chat Logs:


Disconnect/Connect Logs:

19:50:27 | Player "Lorenzo Malvo" is connected (id=)

Calling Lorenzo Malvo to this report. He will have 24 hours to respond being being temporarily banned from the servers.

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As an mentioned ally, I'd like to say that this was a total mess up. Guys who came on us with throwing grenades and killing our mates probably on sight, took us as someone else. There was a third group of people, who later started shooting at us, as I surrendered and came out the building. They later apologized for messing up two groups and continued the firefight as I fled the scene.

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Being a third party randomly involved. I would agree that this was a total mess. I was invited along after meeting Lorenzo, with 2-3 others, after them explaining to me that hey were being shot at by bandits. They described the shooters, and we cautiously moved up. The tent was surrounded, and the parties there did actually engage in interaction. I'm not sure why a grenade was thrown, though two people ended up dieing in either party. After talking, and realizing the wrong people were being targeted, we bandaged up the wounded and began to make ammends, right then, random shots were fired at all of us, and we ran for cover. This caused us to work together and escape together. We chatted with one one of the original that was held up in the bunker ( me and lorenzo), exchanged his friends gun back to him, and wished him luck.

This all seemed like a major misunderstanding, and i would hope it doesn't get carried out as RDM, because i do not believe those were the intentions of the two original parties involved. :)

IN GAME - Toma Lurch

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  • Sapphire

Hello everyone, I'm sorry I'm not exactly sure how to use these forums yet or what to see ive been banned for, is there any way I could talk to anyone via teamspeak? as I'm really confused whats going on -Lorenzo

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Right now, we are requesting your POV of the situation as to what happened. Additionally, if you have any video evidence, provide that as well.

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  • Sapphire

Ah, sorry. as mentioned by Toma, we arrived at the airfield under fire (myself my friend and a man named Erich) we met Toma and headed back to the AF to investigate the situation. We came across three guys in the barrack that matched the description and the same guns as we were under fire from. We walked up to the barrack they were stationed in. (they had there guns raised saying go away) we talked exchanged RP related threats. Suddenly a grenade passes through my face into the barrack I run away. (I did not engage first whomever though the grenade did) They came out of the barrack with there hands up (me still believing these were the bandits that shot at us) Suddenly we are under fire from the other side of the airfield, this may be just me reading the rules wrong, but I didn't think people were allowed to shoot at us if they were not somehow involved with the people under attack at the barrack? However shot where fired I was shooting everyone that was shooting at me, and I can't justify shooting the man I did apart from him matching the description of the bandits therefore me thinking I had killing rights that I didn't actually have. I'm sorry to everyone involved and mostly the three in the barrack, It's a misunderstanding on mine and my friends part as he thew the grenade. We are sorry, and I will take this as a lesson for next time if I am forgiven, In the end we gave his friends gun back said sorry and I thought It was all over. Many people from both parties died and I think overall it was a misunderstanding. Sorry again. - Lorenzo Malvo

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Now I dont get anything at all...so you, Lorenzo, are saying that you was a part of the group with at least two guys in gas masks. Me and my friends had a nice friendly talk with this group just about 10 minutes before all that happened. We met near tents, and then we parted ways and they actually ran to the barrack where later the incident took place.

Anyways even if you didnt remember us or wasnt nearby when we were talking to gas masked guys you should not have shot me because: first we surrendered to you after the grenade took our friend, thinking you tossed it but why the hell we couldnt realise cause we aint done anything to you. Then one of the gas masked with Steyr AUG said someone else is attacking all of us and told us to take weapons back in hands and get out of the barrack. One of you was inside with me at that moment, I offered him to take AK from my buddy Dean who died from a grenade, which he did, and then went outside. All the time I could hear various shots and then a bit later went outside myself, guy with Steyr AUG was laying unconscious, I came up to him, while the guy who took AK was bandaging himself. I presented no threat to you, I tried to bandage the laying guy but he was already dead, then I asked one who was bandaging himself what was going on, "where is the shooter?" and then got instakilled!

If you are saying you were a part of that group why would you kill me? Your friend told us to come out, take our weapons, as I got outside I didnt shoot anyone, even tried to revive your fallen friend. I presented no threat to you, I didnt even see you, and still you shot me.

Admins, what do the logs say? how many different people killed someone?

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  • Sapphire

Like iv'e said I'm sorry and It was a misunderstanding, I'll learn from this incident, Like I also said I had no reason to shoot other than I still hadn't realized you where not the people initially shooting at us (I believed I still had kill rights) I was out of voice hearing distance so the exchanges that went between you and Erich I did not hear I saw the guy I thought that shot at us, with his gun out and shots around the AF, So I shot. I understand you may be upset but as a new member to DayZRP I really am apologetic and I didn't have any bad intentions at all or didn't want this to come from it. I just hope you accept that apology, as everyone else in the barrack has and let the admins decide weather to take further action or not. thanks -Lorenzo

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IMO, Lorenzo, you guys completely messed up.

1)You guys should not have thrown a grenade, because it just escalated everything and you didnt have a right to do it basically. If you want to restrain someone you tell him to surrender and give time to think, you did none of these two.

2)To gain KoS rights you have to be 100% sure you see guys threatening you and have done/willing to do something bad to you, for example are robbing you/robbed you earlier, and then you have to be absolutely sure its them. In our case you just saw three people run into a barrack and decide to throw a grenade there. Are you even sure someone shot at you before at all? May be someone was shooting zombies and you just heard shots.

To sum up if I wasnt sure I wouldve just left the area or at least tried to converse in a peaceful way, not throwing a grenade! If all you want is a chance to shoot at someone what are you doing on this server?

As a token of good will I forgive you, but from now on be more reasonable, for goodness' sake! Or you will be getting reported and may end up permanently banned.

This can be resolved.

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  • Sapphire

Okay i will take all that into great consideration the next time I interact with ANYONE, Thank you so much for forgiving me, I will be careful in future (If i dont get banned) Safe travels -Lorenzo

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  • Legend

You're no longer temp banned from servers now Endo, glad you two worked it out.

/Closing upon request.

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