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Server time (UTC): 2023-09-21 21:20

KoS in Vyshnoye


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Server and location: S1 - Vyshnoye

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:50-18:58 around that time

Your in game name: Micheal Jorgen

Names of allies involved: A guy wearing a cap, damaged cargo pants and carrying an AK

Name of suspect/s: No idea

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): There was a car not far away I was trying to get parts for

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Description of event:

I was in Vyshnoye gathering materials for a sedan i spottet not far away, I meet another guy who is friendly I talk with him abit, he said he damaged his legs due to an accident and wanted to sit down. I then spotted 3 guys coming towards me and the other injured fellow with weapons raised. I then say to him that we should get out of there, he says he cant see them but shortly after we hear gun shots. I think it was a SVD. We then decide to leg it to the forrest because we dont want any trouble. In the forrest I see a guy with an AK and a red bandana sitting down from afar and then boom! He starts shooting at us with no aparent reason and then I am dead. Very frustrating since we didn't get initaited on. 

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Hit Logs:

:17:39 | "Stanley Mosberg(uid=) SHOT Michael Jorgen(uid=) by AugSteyr into pelvis."
16:17:39 | "Michael Jorgen(uid=) STATUS S::500 B::4500 H::4765 HP::0."
16:17:41 | "Michael Jorgen(uid=) STARTS BLEEDING."
16:17:42 | "Player Michael Jorgen(id=) has fallen into unconsciousness."
16:17:42 | "Michael Jorgen(uid=) has fallen into unconsciousness. HARD HIT Total S::19868.8"
16:17:42 | "John Rose(uid=) SHOT Michael Jorgen(uid=) by VSS into head."
16:17:42 | "Michael Jorgen(uid=) STATUS S::19868.8 B::3500 H::4365 HP::0."

Kill Logs:

16:17:42 | Player "Michael Jorgen"(id=) has been killed by player "John Rose"(id=)

Connection Logs:

15:01:48 | Player "Stanley Mosberg" is connected (id=)
Still in-game.

15:29:34 | Player "John Rose" is connected (id=)
Still in-game.

Calling in John Rose & Stanley Mosberg to post their full & detailed POVs.

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I talked with Bruce (John Rose) on teamspeak and got the matter resovled. It was a clear accident, there were two parties fighting in Vyshnoye and Vaine and myself seemed to be caught in the middle of it and when we sprinted towards the forrest they thought we were somebody else from the other conflicting party. I do not bear any grudge and don't wish anyone to be punished because it was a clear accident.

Wrong place at the wrong time.

Kind Regards


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/closing as requested

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