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S1 - Attempted KOS Outside Kabinio - 17/01/2016 02:00

Guest MannySwagqio

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Guest MannySwagqio

Server and location: Server 1 Outside of Kabinino

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 9:00 PM EST

Your in game name: Braylon Young

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: (Don't know who fired, but these guys talked to me) Dave Harrington, Jacob Makarov.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

 (Sorry for the background radio talk)

Detailed description of the events: Logged in at Kabinino when I heard over the radio that there were some hostages by a deer stand around Kabinino. I started making my way over there when I saw a large group of people running away and I tried talking to them but they kept running. I then saw another group, I walked up to the group that took the hostages and I started talking to them(I was on their radio/teamspeak when I first logged in). I talked to them infront of the hostages and I did not like what I saw. Orignal asks for the chainsaw and I declined because I did not want to be involved with him. I then make my way to talk to the hostage in the shed. I talked a little to him, then Orignal comes in and asks if he can cut his pinkie off. I then make my way out because I don't want to watch mans pinkie get cut off. I then see a large group moving in and I started making my way out as I was afraid I would be accused of being with them. I was curios enough to lay behind a mount of dirt to hear what was happening. Then a man comes up to me and asks me way I wont be with my friends and I replied that they were weird and then I ran off. I saw some people in the area and I started talking to them (Like this one guy who was looking for some one named Sunny), I then talk to Sunny and the man looking for him and then I proceed along my ways. I then see a large group leaving so I go and see what was going on. (This is when the video starts) I back into a bush to make little attempt to hear what was going on. I then was spotted and I was told some gibberish but the lady told me he wants me to leave. I then start leaving when I hear "How about you shoot him in the head", I did not want to go out of range of the VON so I stayed just within. I then saw he was aiming his gun at me and I started to run, but it was to late, I was shot in the chest. I then got into a argument in OCC about it.


From my understanding, the situation was handled. The group that took the hostages were told by the other group to release them. That happens (If anyone else can show the video evidence) and then they were walking away with them. After the situation was solved, that is when I was fired upon.

The man that shot me with the gun had to reason to shoot me, as a result I believe he should be punished with Attempted KOS/Bad RP.

You must make your hostile intention clear and unambiguous and state each demand before you can harm the victim(s) for non-compliance.

He never said "You must get out of here before I kill you!" or anything like that. Also their was no initiation from either party.

I also believe that only the man that shot me, and the other 2 standing around him should have to post their POV, as I do not want to drag any unnecessary people into this report.

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I did not shoot you or anything, I was merely there and suggested the hostage we had just freed to shoot you since you very much looked like you were with the hostage takers. That's it really from my side.

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Chat Logs:

02:34:15 | Chat(Braylon Young): //KOS FUCKING DUMBASS
02:34:43 | Chat(Dave Harrington): //were you not with that doctor?
02:35:18 | Chat(Braylon Young): //YOU CANNOT JUST FUCKING SHOOT ME
02:35:29 | Chat(Jacob Makarov): *//yes, you took him hostage, now take it to ic
02:35:48 | Chat(Braylon Young): //I WAS ON THEIR RADIO, I NEVER INITATED ON YOU

Calling Dave Harrington into this report.

To the OP, care to explain why you felt calling someone a "fucking dumbass" OOC was necessary?

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"I then got into a argument in OCC about it."

As someone who was there, and attempting to roleplay with you - you would not get back IC. You literally in the middle of RP, and just not RP, but hostile interaction, stopped, stood up after being shot, provided absolutely no pain RP, and immediately went into OOC. When the person (I believe Dave Harrington) attempted to roleplay with you again as well as myself, you just merely stood there. You didn't respond, you kept typing in OOC. It was extremely annoying for us on Teamspeak, we kept asking questions, and you just stood there. If you had an issue with what he did, take it IC, he did, but you resisted RPing completely, and if anything the punishment should be put on you.

You had a lot of chances to leave, you were down there with hostages with a gun out, walking around. You had tons of chances to leave, we were literally there for over 30 minutes. You continued to stay in the area despite claiming having no involvement. That sounds pretty bogus to me.

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Guest MannySwagqio

No, it was not necessary

I did get into OCC because I could Make any kind of decent RP off of some guy just shooting me. As for having an issue IC, the other group was right on top of me and told the hostage to shoot me. So if I did some what engage on the guy who shot me,then either the group would initiate, or the guy would have just shot me (again). So explain why he just blatantly shot me

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Everything that is needed is in that video.

I walk into Kab and a man walks up to me, he is playing some music in his mic and the RP is very trollish, not good at all.  As you can clearly see, the man accusing me of shooting him is there, red beret, black facemask, blue mountain backpack.  They take me hostage and do some "experiments" and then some other guys come by and set us free.  One of our liberators tell me I should shoot that man, which my character wanted to do, having just lost a finger.  I recognize him from before as part of the group and shoot him.  

In the original PoV he claims that he logs in when we are already taken hostage, this is very obviously lying in a report, as the video shows that he was there when I first walked into Cab, the initiator says "these are my friends" and he continues to walk with us while in Cab.  He also shows up multiple times while we are being held, he says himself that the doctor asks for his chainsaw Timestamp: 32:00.  It is clear that he was around the entire time, patrolling or keeping guard.

As far as the OOC goes, as soon as I approached him he started talking in OOC, we all tried to talk to him and he refused to respond, only typing in OOC.

Sorry for all the talking, I was streaming and talking to chat during the situation.

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Temp ban removed. Keep an eye on the thread in the event we require further info.

So to make this clear, Manny, you were not part of the group that robbed and held up Basoon?

At 02:00 into the stream provided, you are seen here, with the group.

This group of people are the same ones who, approximately seven minutes later, initiated on Basoon, taking him hostage.


At 33:00, you are seen here, looking through Basoon's gear, again with the same group of people.


And around 46:30, you are seen again, as the person who Basoon shot at.


//edit: Corrected timestamps.

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Guest MannySwagqio

No, I found them in Stary Sobor and got on their radio (Teamspeak) then we made it to kab and found Basoon there. Then I logged out of the game when they started to head towards Stary (with Basoon), then they initiated on him and moved him over to that little hunting area. I then was notified that they took some one hostage and logged back in to see what was going on.

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Actually at 6:00 in the video, somebody in your group said "we can either take your blood or take this chainsaw and cut your arm off"  That was an initiation, from that point on I had KoS rights on all of you.  You were standing right there, including you in that group. You then logged off after this, meaning that you, in fact, combat logged.  You then broke another rule by logging on during a hostile interaction to join your friends and bolster your numbers.


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02:01:16 | Player Braylon Young has been disconnected
02:03:06 | Player Braylon Young is connected

The below timestamp is from 46:41 in the VOD provided, for reference in relation to server time.

02:34:15 | Chat(Braylon Young): //KOS FUCKING DUMBASS

The initiation on the female happened at 11:10 (VOD), meaning it was 35:31 prior to your message, or at 01:58:44 server time when you were still on the server. As a part of their dynamic group, Basoon and any allies within 500 meters were granted KOS rights on you.

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MannySwagqio, how do you want to continue with the Report?

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Okay then drop the report

Ok, that means, you are droping your claims against them.

Do you understand why they had KoS rights on you?

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Jacob Makarov - KOS, not guilty

Dave Harrington - KOS, not guilty

Braylon Young - Lying in a report, Combatlogging & BadRP, guilty


The staff team have reviewed the available evidence and have come to the conclusion that both Jacob Makarov and Dave Harrington are not guilty at the accusations towards them. Jacob Makarov during this situation was a bystander and Dave Harrington had legit rights to kill Braylon Young as we can clearly see in the video.

We will adress the points of the verdict one at a time.

Braylon Young the moment you started taking shots you decide to start swearing in OOC. We are a role playing community and it is clearly stated in the rules that going OOC should only be used in an emergency.

If you felt a rule had been broken, you could have asked staff for help after the situation was resolved in game. Going OOC like that, only ruins the roleplaying experience from all the parties involved.

If you had try to roleplay out the shots aimed at you, there could have been endless possibilities of RP. You could have shown pain RP for instance, or you could have claimed to be mistaken for somebody else.

As can bee seen in the video provided, there was an initiation at timestamp 11:10, at that time KOS rights were granted on you. Within 3 minutes as can be seen in the logs, you log off from the server for whatever reason. You did not ask permission from the people you were with, nor from the people which had KOS-rights on you, making this combat logging. If you had asked permission and gotten it, then everything would have been ok, since all parties gave you permission to do so.

The rules state that you must wait a minimum of 15 minutes after breaking line of sight before logging off, so that the people you have hostilities with have a chance to retaliate on you.

Throughout the entire video you can be seen around the hostage, before he's been initiated upon, when he is a hostage and after he has been set free. You claim that you did not like what you saw and that you leave the moment your group decides to take a finger from the hostage. Yet, you forget to roleplay that out, nothing of your objections towards the treatment of the hostage are seen or heared.

It could have let to good roleplay if you actually visually had objected to the treatment of the victim, so that he could have heared it as well, a lot of roleplay could have come from that. Not even between hostagetaker and victim, but even in between the hostagetakers themselves.

Further more you claim not to be part of the group that initiated on the victim, yet you were a part of their teamspeak channel and are seen in and around the victim during the entire encounter, therefor we judge that you have not been entirely truthfull in your statements with us.

Due to you being guilty of these three rulebreaks, you are being put above the 30 points maximum and as a result you will be permanently removed from the community.

With the above stated the following applies:


Jacob Makarov - KOS, not guilty - No action taken

Dave Harrington - KOS, not guilty - No action taken

Braylon Young - Lying in a report, Combatlogging and BadRP, guilty - Permanently removed from the community

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