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Ban Appeal - NVFL


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I feel that, considering the context of the situation, "going out fighting" was realistically my only viable option (since death in that situation was almost 100% certain). As stated by Voodoo/other GMs doing the verdict:

your character must be as realistic as possible considering this is a roleplaying community

In a situation where certain death is almost guaranteed (the plan was a gamble to save one of our group members' lives which didn't work out), especially considering previous interactions between the Irish and the other clans involved, I would say that, arguably, raising my weapon and causing some chaos was by far the most realistic choice my character would've made. Obviously nobody "realistically" wants to die... but bearing in mind that multiple members of our clan have already been executed after multiple weeks of hostilities, when given the option between dying whilst attempting to kill your enemy or dying on your knees, I feel that most desperate individuals would at least attempt to go out fighting.

Furthermore, as also stated within the verdict:

You were heavily outnumbered and rather than provide RP you destroyed any potential storyline that could have unfolded (like negotiating for your friends release).

I vehemently disagree with the implications of this statement - raising a weapon and choosing to fight did not "destroy" any potential storyline but instead simply created an alternative storyline for our opposition. To imply that firefighting/hostilities "destroys" RP potential is completely and utterly incorrect; my actions did nothing but create RP, further intensifying the conflict between our clans whilst also conveying the Irish's desperation within the situation.

The notion that RP was "destroyed" by what I chose to do appears to do nothing but pander to the (tongue-in-cheek) "campfire" sentiment that has long been a complaint of DayZRP's mentality. This, coupled with recent events involving our group being publicly warned with no evidence backing up the allegations leads me to believe that this verdict has little to do with "destroying RP potential" and more to do with the RP situation simply not going the way that our opposition wanted it to. I argue, therefore, that all situations create RP... including deaths of character, firefights, etc.

I would also argue that, in a "realistic" apocalyptic scenario, it would surely be smarter to die quickly than to be tortured for information, beaten, and be ultimately killed by people you despise - people who have killed your friends, who have attempted to take away the only thing you have left in the world. My character died for our cause - this in itself creates RP.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I think it's worth noting that the reason myself and TheJuggernut chose to tail the group was because we were within 500m of Dougie when he was initiated on, giving us KoS rights on the entire group. If we really wanted to, we could've simply stormed in and started gunning people down but... we didn't do that, because frankly it's boring and doesn't create as much as RP as the gamble I attempted might've.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Possibly an unban and full removal of points, though changing staff/community attitude towards our brand of hostility is the end goal. I fully believe that there should always be some sort of resistance in an RP situation; things should not always go your way (or anyone's way at all), and people should learn to simply roll with the punches and enjoy whatever RP is bought their way instead of complaining that things could've gone differently.

Surrendering in the situation being discussed would only have successfully created a different kind of RP - one where my character would face certain death whilst being beaten and tortured. RP in itself doesn't have to be expressed with words; not every situation needs to end in some sort of resolution or negotiation to make it a viable course of RP. To fight -- and to die -- even against impossible odds, is RP.

What could you have done better?:

I could've decided against the plan in the first place and not have taken the risk, I could've surrendered, I could've waited for backup, I could've not have chosen to be a bandit in the first place and instead choose to melt in with the rest of the server populace. Then again, I'm not sure if any of these things would've been "better", realistically.

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Due to a potential conflict of interest that was missed when the report was given a verdict, the admin team will be overturning the decision. It was missed by the staff members involved in the report that Zbor was involved, and as such, several staff members should not have been involved with the discussion and subsequent verdict.

While other members of staff do agree with the decision and verdict given, due to staff error, this appeal will be accepted.


Appeal accepted. Points and ban removed.

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