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Do my eyes deceive me?

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  • Sapphire

Yeah zombies were added back in the recent patch, there's still not as much as they're planning to add for the future but you can find them fairly commonly. 


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Guest BathtubBarracuda

The zombies in this patch are a major pain (Damn spinal fracture stat), BUT if you get them to swing at you and miss (Something that usually happens), they should be pretty easy to take down.

Throwback to when zombies could be one-hitted with a fireaxe and you could actually melee fight them

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  • Emerald

There back but I have only seen 1...

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  • MVP

There back but I have only seen 1...

Just the other day in Zeleno I spawned in and killed about 5-6 of them, with plenty more around the area.  You just gotta go to the right areas and you'll find a decent amount.

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I was RPing with some friends, and the server re-started while we were in the middle of the city. When we joined, ther was at least 11 zombies chasing us, and there were even more around the town.

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  • Sapphire

Zombies spawn in where players log in at. Usually 5-6, with 2 more spawning in per zombie killed.

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