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Polaroid Photography Service [126.34 - OPEN FREQUENCY]


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*Allowing himself to relax and take in the alluring view of far Severograd, twiddling his thumbs clumsily, he attentively plucks his radio from his vest, gradually bringing it to his mouth, and after fussing with his throat he begins speaking in the most enthusiastic manner anyone's ever heard him in (yet still not particularly so)*


"Greetings, and good noon to you all! This is the newly established Assistant Dean of Alcyone, Johannes Hofmeister, speaking. This broadcast will be serving as our announcement for my freshly offered photography service."

*Pauses for a short moment*

"It just so happens that I was lucky enough to get my hands on an old working, what I believe to be a Polaroid 4000...Well, I use that term lightly, it's inconsistently functional let's say. Nonetheless, it is something."

"So, being an individual who was immensely passionate for photography prior to this...International predicament...I feel that I have the professionalism to appeal to those groups, organisations, dearest of couples..."

*Cringes briefly at what he's saying*

"...Etcetera...Who may have interest in artistic photography for themselves, whether it's for the Zbor Movement's propaganda posters of their impressive forces, or maybe you just wish to possess fond memories of you, your friends, your romantic companion..."

*He loses the minuscule amount of enthusiasm he had, scratching his head as he wonders why he's saying this, before he continues in a far more gruff voice*

"Well...If you are interested merely contact us on this frequency; 124.6, Alcyone's frequency."

*He clicks off the radio, for a few seconds before abruptly blurting into the radio once again*

"Ach! I forgot - Out of pure intrigue, I have in the past, when I had access to such sources, researched the science behind the way Polaroid works. Nevertheless, I cannot accurately recall much, so if somebody has a book or the likes on it or generally knowledge they can share on it - It would be immensely appreciated, something I would be willing to pay broadly for..."

"I will be placing an advertisement on our bulletin board in Dolina later on today, hopefully. Come meet me there if you wish to see examples of my work."

"Either way, Pfiat!"


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