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New survivor

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Hey everybody. Yesterday I made my first trip around Chernarus on DayZRP. I have to say, finally I was able to enjoy my ride around the map just enjoying survival and hunting.

I've been playing DayZ for hundreds of hours and got sick of the instant PvP. Now the addition of the trade post alone made a huge difference. Thanks to everyone involved.

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Hey Oxx! Glad you're having fun, but realize that this is a roleplay server. We are all glad to espace from all the PvP, but don't forget to roleplay too. It might be a bit strange in the beginning if you're not used to it, but if you take a while to come up with a story, you'll see how much fun it is.

Joining a group always helps if you aren't good at roleplaying on your own. That way you can learn from others. Take a look here or if you don't know which clan to join, you can advertise yourself here. Look here for text roleplaying.

Also, here are a few guides written by the community:






Good luck!

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Guest gijsgeluid

same here hope we will survive , good luck

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Guest WaltteriH

Welcome, Oddness coming too? That would be too odd...

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