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[Open Frequency] Travelling Merchant

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*I put up my Radio equipment and raise the antenna* 

"This is Sander Speaking I would like to inform anybody who is listening that i have arrived in Elektrozavodsk"

*Somebody is Disturbing the frequency so i decide to wait a couple of minutes

"Anybody who is interested in trading items like food water or weapons and ammunition is welcome to visit me at the Industrial Terrain at night time i always have a light burning so u cant miss it "

*Turns off the radio to save power for incoming messages

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  • Emerald

Mark picks up his radio.

My friend, i know for a fact that people have set up a couple of shops in Kabanino, which is drawing in a lot of people. So you should consider moving your  business there. Also we control Kabanino, and we keep it under control. Come find us, and we might be able to work out some deal.

Mark puts down his radio, and goes back to sleep.

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  • Sapphire

Reimy responds.

We really don't. We control wherever we are, whenever we are there.

That's about the extent of it.

Reimy ends the transmission.

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Kirill hears the transmition while  walking around in an old room. After learning the man's position he chuckles and walks towards a wooden table, where lies his walkie talkie. He takes a duct tape and wraps it around the PTT button so he doesn't have to keep pressure on it with his finger. He puts the walkie back on the table and begins his message:

*Oh moj Bog! You are more dumber than you realize. Apokalipsas is lasting for more than two years and you have learned nothing! You know, giving away your position so easily can cost you more than your prescious supllies. A... familiar of mine could tell you the same thing.

A sound of an impact can be heard over the radio. He just kicked something.

Kirill reaches under the table and pulls out a man all tied up. He grabs him by the hair and puts his face in front of the walkie. Then he takes out a big hunting knife with his other hand. Slowly puting it on the throat of that man.

Gavar durak! Say your name and your broadcasting message!

M... my... my name is Nikola. Nikola Žukov. I was... offering food for trade near the... the... church of Novy Sobor.

Alright. That's enough! You see, it's not wise to reveal your position to others so easily, because not everyone is after food or supplies...

P... please.. just let me go. I swear I won't...

A moment of silence can be heard followed by a sound of a person which is choking on his own blood. Afer that follows an impact on the floor.

Nyet. You won't... Well. Like I said. It could be dangerous out there...*

Kirill rips the tape from the PTT button and only static remains on the channel.

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