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He Wants To Forget

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Name: Kenny Flay

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Kenny's life started out pretty average, he had a mother, a father and a big sister who was 7 years older than him named Haven. When Kenny was 2 years old his mother was diagnosed with cancer and past away 3 months later however she revealed to Kenny's father that he wasn't his child.

Between losing his wife and finding out she had a child with someone else, Kenny's known father had hit rock bottom and saw Kenny as an intruder. Kenny was treated like a pest but despite not fully being related his sister took pity on him and protected him as best she could.

When Kenny was 14 years old Haven had moved out but his father had gotten progressively worse as did Kenny's mental condition however not as bad as it would have been expected and the thing that kept his mind off everything was his books. One night someone had broken into the house thinking no one was home, Kenny went to see what was going on and ended up a hostage with a gun to his head. His father was threatened if he tried anything Kenny would die but despite that he charged at the robber, everything after the sound of a gunshot went blank for Kenny and the next thing he knew he was in the back of a police car with a blanket around him and a bit of blood up the front of him.

From what the police had gathered as far as they knew the father had charged at the robber and gotten shot but still had the strength to fight the robber however had multiple stab wounds in his chest and stomach, so it was assumed he had shot the robber with his own gun but bled out soon after.

That night Haven had come in to take him to his new home with her, He hadn't slept that well in a long time. After 3 years Kenny had mentally stabilized and was finally happy again, he got new books and thoroughly enjoyed them and he had a part-time job at an art gallery. When he and Haven got a break from work they went on a holiday to Chernarus.

While there they enjoyed the sights and the people but after a few days a ruckus had started in the city and news of an infection had spread causing riots and such. Eventually they decided to get out of the city and made their way through the crowds, however between the noise and the abundance of people the infection had ripped through the crowd causing people to split and run in all directions from anything moving. Kenny and Haven ran to a store however she chained the door shut from the outside with Kenny still inside. Scared for her safety Kenny screamed at her to get inside, her only response was tears running down her face, smiling and blowing him a kiss then disappearing into a crowd of people.

Kenny stayed the night in the store wondering his Haven was alive or not, then found a way out of the store by smashing one of the windows with the register. He roamed for days on his own learning the infected and other useful tricks then found himself in front of a man and a woman who seemed somewhat nice, once Kenny noticed they had fingers tied up hanging from their bags he blacked out and woke up tied to a chair in a cold shed.

They had claimed he swung at them with his machete suddenly while showing a cut on the mans cheek but Kenny denied it all due to a lack of memory. Kenny endured losing his left hands ring finger, right hand pinky finger, 2 toes on his left foot, 3 toes on his right, a "replication" of the cut he put on the man and losing a great deal of his sanity. After being held for two weeks he started hallucinating seeing a white haired version of himself that looked more beaten and afflicted.

On the third week Kenny heard whispers and was starting to see Haven and his captors had started to get bored of him and decided they were ready to put him down, as they were getting ready Kenny heard the word "Revolt" in his own voice and reacted with a backwards charge into the woman smashing into the wall breaking the chair and winding the woman, as he swung a punch at the woman's face the man knocked him to the ground, as he looked at up at the man he blacked out and woke up standing over their butchered corpses.

Kenny now aimlessly wanders the country trying to survive in hopes of running into his sister.


Kenny has a mind that is complex enough to make it difficult to explain, He has a moody attitude to those who he suspects to be a threat and hates liars and those who don't respect a fair fight.

What Kenny doesn't know or at least denies is that the white haired version of him is a second personality which is in some form his guardian angel which takes over when he is either in danger or when he is about to take physical harm, however Kenny himself is resistant to mental harm due to this personality which absorbs a vast majority of it for him. This personality is also the one who killed his father and the robber along with his captors.

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