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The Perma Kill of Marco Cappadona


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  • Titanium

Here it is the end of Marco Cappadona


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  • Titanium

My god that intro....

video was cool though

RIP marco

Whats wrong with the intro?

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The video was great loved it. You should work on some pain rp a little bit more and not keep typing OOC that will make your role play 100 times better and also when you are on fire you would normally get up or lie down to put out the fire and you would be screaming in pain just some tips on how to pain role play !

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  • Titanium

Thanks for the pain RP tips.... the thing is it was around 1 am for me at that moment so I couldn't really scream without risking waking up everyone in my house xD And I am not that great of a fake screamer soooooo yeah. But thanks for that i will work on it.

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