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Whitelist taken away?

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I was whitelisted for DayZRP over a year ago but have not played for almost a year now. I want to start playing on it again, especially with friends, but when I go to the whitelist page it goes through the 7 steps to get whitelisted rather than telling me that I have been accepted and the password as it did a year ago. Has there been any changes over the last year to the whitelist, have I been removed due to inactivity or is this a different issue? And if so, how do I solve this?

Thanks and I hope that you can help

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  • Sapphire

A new whitelist system was implemented in September. Everyone had a few weeks to do a Steam verification in order to stay whitelisted. Anyone that missed it, you, has to re-whitelist on the new system. But, it's multiple choice now. Good luck

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  • Sapphire

Okay, thank you very much

No problem. If you have anymore questions, I'm sure one of the CH's are willing to help.

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During the time of September, we had a time where everyone who was previously whitelisted are required to whitelist again. During this time, there was a grace period of about 2 weeks but unfortunately you missed the grace period.

In this case, you are required to re-whitelist. If you require any assistance in refreshing the rules, feel free to PM a Community Helper or jump into the TS helpdesk.

Sorry for the inconvenience and good luck with your whitelist.


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