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Hank Krieger


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Just wanted to post up and say hello to the community. Do not judge me for this but I had seen these servers before and passed them up. But I caught videos of it on youtube. From more reading on the forums I can tell there is much more involved than what shows in the videos and it caught my attention even more. I am an old RP'er from the UO community from years ago. So RP is not a stretch for me. I'll be looking foward to meeting all of you hopefully not at the business end of your gun or axe lol.

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LOL I love when I get that response. Its shows who has a good taste in films :). Actually My parents smoked Marlboro's all my childhood then I picked them up in my mid teens. It has been both my CB Handle and my gamer tag for years. I caught the movie as a kid and is one of my all time favorites.

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