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Server time (UTC): 2023-09-24 03:04

BadRP S1


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Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:30 (11:00am EST)

Your in game name: Tsezar Zolotov

Names of allies involved:  I met some Irish fellow after who helped me, but he didn't witness any events.

Name of suspect/s: Marshall Clarke

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  Nah.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  Below.

Detailed description of the events:

I was standing at Kab, I was watching the stars.  Guy walks up, points gun, 10 sec drop weapon, stripped, runs off.  No roleplay.


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  • Emerald

I checked the player list soon after the OP left to file a report, and the accused had logged off, only 5 or so minutes after committing the robbery. Tsk tsk.

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Harvey is the Irish guy I bumped into right afterwards, just so moderators know he isn't a random person. He showed up literally 1 minute later, and we tried to chase down the robber.

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  • Legend

Kill Logs: N/A

Hit Logs: N/A

Chat Logs: N/A

Disconnect/Connect Logs:

15:33:07 | Player "Marshall Clarke" is connected (id=)
16:02:03 | Player "Marshall Clarke"(id=) has been disconnected

Calling in Marshall Clarke to post his POV.

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  • MVP

Temporarily banning Marshall Clarke from the servers as it has been 24 hours without a response. He must post his POV for his tempban to be removed.

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Right, do you mind explaining why you felt the need to rob me? You had an AK and Mosin, you stated you just "like it." Was there no real deeper reasoning or motive. We've never met before so I assume it wasn't targeting me specifically.

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  • Emerald

Hello , I needed to go away. I am sorry for that. My brother lost his keys so i went help him to find them. But when i came back that guy killed me. So he did his revenge. Dont see any problems. :)

I did it because UMP is my favorite gun. All i wanted is that UMP :)

Could you provide us with a complete POV instead of these one liners. Thank you for your co-operation.

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  • Emerald
Marshall Clarke your temp ban has been removed. Keep an eye on the report for any developments.
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I don't know. I see you're a bit new to DayZRP (joined December 2015), and it's not my goal to get anyone banned, but instead understand what's wrong and how to improve. I mean there's a lot here that should be addressed, but above and beyond all it's about robbing with reason. You have to give some substance behind a robbery, a reasonable amount of time, with a valid justified reason. If you're starving maybe you would be desperate enough to rob a man for food. When I asked you in game why you were doing this you merely responded because you liked it, and now here you're stating it's because this gun is your favorite, but those aren't really valid RP reasons. I'm not staff though, so this is just my opinion and word, but I think you may want to re-evaluate the rules, and watch a few hostile roleplay videos to better understand.

I'll leave this up to the staff to decide, I wish you the best of luck, but you may want to take it easy on doing too much too early when joining the server.

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  • MVP

Enough with the back and forth you two. If you wish to have a discussion please do so in PM's.

Please reserve your posts here for new and relevant information. Anything deemed unnecessary will be met with in points.

Thank you.

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  • Legend


Marshall Clarke: BadRP - Guilty


In the video provided by the OP, you order him to put his hands up before taking his UMP, anything else you wanted and running off, leaving him naked and handcuffed.

This is a roleplaying community. Everyone is here to experience enjoyable roleplay. It's a two way street, if everyone provides enjoyable roleplay then everybody receives enjoyable roleplay.

Your roleplay was not enjoyable. It was virtually non-existent. You remained silent throughout a majority of the encounter and seemed solely focused on gear.

You were so focused OOCly on getting your favourite gun that you left the victim with little to no roleplay, despite his futile attempts to engage you in roleplay.

For your blatant disregard for roleplay, you are being given the standard punishment for BadRP.

Due to you being whitelisted for less than 1 month, your whitelist is also being revoked so if you want to resume playing on our servers once your ban has expired, you must re-whitelist.

With the above stated, the following applies


Marshall Clarke: BadRP - 5 Day Ban + 1 Banstrike + Whitelist revoked

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