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Good bye Marco Cappadona and hello Nicola Jobin


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So my character Marco Cappadona is dead and here is the story and background of Nicola Jobin.

Michael Jobin, 20 years old, is a young man from France from a good living family in Paris. All his life he wanted to explore the world and meet new people. Some of his meeting were friendly and ended well but some didn't end as well as he hoped to. With these meetings and past experience he learned that trust and friendship is hard to get and hard to keep once broken. Michael is a young man that like adventures and will always be down to meet new people and is against violence against people who is not a threat to him, but he is not afraid to shoot and kill if he as to. If someone choose the right way with Nicola he might be able to turn him into anything they want. He as little experience with rifle except hunting rifles. He came to Chernarus for experience and adventure. He came with some friends that were close to him and was in an hotel in Chernogorsk when he got in a car accident and ended up being the only survivor of it. He was in a coma for about 6 months and woke up about 3-4 months after the breakout happened. He then got back to his hotel to get some clothing and stayed there for another couple of months with the spare food him and his friends had aside. (They were adventurers so they had a lot of food on them, and they knew about the unstable government of the country and were ready in case something bad would happen) Because of his accident and his coma, Nicola maybe have some moments of amnesia cause by either extreme pain or emotional distress. That amnesia will force him to lose memory of the passed few days. 

So for now, that is what I have set for my new character. If anyone have ideas or things to add or change, tell me and if I like them I could do some changed into that.

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