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Drake Winters - Before the Darkness

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'Careful, this bastards got the devil in him'

This is the story of Drake Winters. He was an average person. But two events in his life changed him. Did these events make him better? Or has this released his inner demon. I guess you'll have to wait and see won't you.


Pain? You don't know the meaning of the word. But come a little closer and I might be able to give you an Insight!



Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3


Background Information;

Name: Drake Winters

Age: 21

Height: 6"1

Body Type: Athletic

Personality: Brave, Hot headed, Adventurous, Manipulative.

Emotional State:

Upon first look Drake is a charming gentleman, always taking care of everyone around him. But on the inside is a devil, waiting to break free.


Drake wasn't an only child, just a lonely one. He didn't have many friends while he was in primary school. He mainly kept to himself and away from those who would hurt him. From the age of fourteen Drake worked on building his strength to defend his few friends and family and with each trial of his strength he would either come away the victor or he would come away knowing he needed to get better. In his life he sees everything as a test, life is testing Drake trying to push him to the brink of death and then push him off of the edge, but Drake isn't giving up with out a fight. If life thinks it can win by pushing him, life's got another thing coming. The only way to get to Drake is through his friends. And seeing as he's stranded in a Country he barely knew anything about, it looks like emotionally Drake isn't to concerned by what life can throw at him right now. But that is all soon about to change. Now the better question is. Do you really want to know the real Drake Winters?

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  • Sapphire

Entry 1

This story begins in a quiet neighbourhood, where everyone knew everyone and nothing out of the ordinary happened. The year was 1989. In this neighbourhood lived a happy family, Mother, Father, Son and Daughter. The Son, still living at home often out working, studying or just out and about. The Daughter had moved out, she had a child and was starting a new life with her son. The Daughter's boyfriend at the time resented the child, told everyone it wasn't possible that she had his child. For the next few years the Daughter struggled to look after the child, she had help from family but she felt as if she was holding her family back. Until she came across him, my father. It was December 16th 1992. I was born a year later and that is when shit hit the fan. Across the road my Grandparents lived and their next door neighbours where to be the cause of stress, loss and pain for me and my family.

On the 21st of January 1998, I had been in school for roughly a year now, in my class was one of the 8 children my Grandparents next door neighbours was to have. Two years above me was another child a Daughter. A year above her the eldest of the children at the time. Each and every one of them with a vendetta against me. Every day I was beaten and every day I took it. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't understand. I thought I was being beaten because I did something wrong. I thought that this was the way I could look at my parents and they would be proud that I was willing to accept my punishment.

It wasn't until April 12th 2000 that I understood what was happening. On that day it started out like any other. I went about completing my work and finishing school. As I was walking home I was grabbed by them and thrown to the ground. I thought this was going be another "Lesson" until I noticed that they all had bats in their hands. They took it in turn to beat me. Each blow from the bat sending agony through my body. By the end of it all they looked down at me and said 'We'll see you again, maybe next time we can fuck you up even more' they spat at me and left me lying on the ground, in a pool of my own blood. I don't know how long I was there. But when I finally opened my eyes it was pitch black.

I remember feeling scared, I remember wondering whether I would see my family again, see my brother, my dog. In the distance I could hear yelling, I tried to get up to see who it was but my body wouldn't move, trying to make myself move caused me even more pain. I tried to focus on the voices, I finally could hear what they were calling. They were calling my name. I tried to answer, to yell back but my body wouldn't let me. It felt like an eternity until someone found me. It was my mother, she saw me there, lying in a pool of blood.  She ran over to me, screaming 'HE'S HERE! HE'S OVER HERE!' at that point I don't remember what happened I guess I passed out. The next time I woke up, I was in a hospital bed. It had been two days since the incident. My Mother was asleep next to the bed, My Father was in the hall way with My Grandparents on his side of the family, My Brother was looking out of the window, watching the rain fall and hit the window. They had all be crying, I could see it on their faces. It was at this moment I made a promise to myself, I will not be their punching bag anymore. I promised that when I see them again, I will put those fuckers to the ground or I'll fucking die trying.

I woke up in hospital, I didn't know how long I had been there, my body felt strange almost lifeless I tried to call out, to get the attention of anyone but nothing. It must have been an hour or two before someone came to the ward I was on I tried to call them over, tried to tell them I was awake but nothing, so I did the only thing I knew I could do I disconnected my oxygen saturation device that was connected to my finger. The nurse ran over thinking something was wrong but when she saw me awake she was force to call the doctor telling him the news that I was awake.  About four hours later I was still adjusting to the new that I had been in a coma for seven years. Seven, no wonder my body felt lifeless it hadn't moved in so long. I was in hospital for roughly six months, one of which was my birthday. The doctors had told me to take things easy during my recovery period, that if I was to put too much strain on my body I could end up back in hospital permanently. So much like I do now, I didn't listen, instead I worked on making my body stronger, faster, durable so that when I met them again, I wouldn't need to run, I could stand, stand against the injustice I was facing, stand and win. Now you may be asking, why didn't you go to the police? Why didn't you go get some help? Well to answer your questions, I did but when they have the police in their pockets it was useless me even trying to report it, so I went about my day to day life trying to have normality, but I guess when you've been missing from society for too long people start to notice.

During my recovery period in the hospital I met someone, this person was going to be the reason I got even stronger than I needed to be. This person's name was June. She saved me from becoming a monster, becoming what the people who hurt me were. We were near enough inseparable each day went by with the bond between us getting stronger, each day let me know that I had someone I could count on. We all have someone in our life, someone who is always there, someone who is so much a part of us, they'll be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground. Our North Star. And the small clear voices in our hearts that will be with us ... always. And that's what she was for me, she was my North Star, keeping me on the right path.

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  • MVP

This is not only beautifully presented, but highly interesting as well. Nicely done, looking forward to more :)

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  • Sapphire

This is not only beautifully presented, but highly interesting as well. Nicely done, looking forward  to more :)

Thank you, it took me a while to write it. Working on the second entry now should be up soon. :)

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  • MVP

This is not only beautifully presented, but highly interesting as well. Nicely done, looking forward  to more :)

Thank you, it took me a while to write it. Working on the second entry now should be up soon. :)

Good luck, I know how that second episode can be. I'm working on mine too...well trying to :P

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  • Sapphire

Entry 2

Two Years after my Release from Hospital


June and I spent most of our time listening to music, talking about how each other’s days were and doing a lot of sports. She taught me to play ping pong, I taught her how to swim, she taught me to bowl, I taught her how to use the environment to her advantage. Now by that I mean I taught her how to move with the air, I know it might sound cliché but that’s what it was to me, it was me moving with the air, curving with it when I needed to move around objects.

As I mentioned before June and I were into a lot of things as children, the one that we both took up was that of music. We loved listening to music, we wanted to be performers, we wanted to show everyone what the power of music could be but we had no idea how to go about doing that, until the next day in school.

So we get to school, both of us still wanting to be musical performers, both still clueless as how to do that when the headmaster walks into the class, gathers all the pupils together and says ‘Class today we have an exciting new opportunity for you all. We have been given the chance to study different types of musical arts.’

June and I looked to each other wide smiles on each other’s faces, we couldn’t believe it, and we had only just two minutes before been discussing how we would go about doing what we wanted to do and now the head teacher had just given us the opportunity to do just that. Looking around the class the head teacher could see that June and I were ecstatic about doing this and told us to stand up and report to the main hall immediately if we wanted to try out to play a musical instrument.

We did just that and upon our arrival at the main hall we saw a handful of people looking at certain instruments, everyone seemed to be focused on the guitar and bass. But something different caught my eye. Something unique about this instrument called out to me and made me want to play it. People watched me inspect the instrument, they were wondering why I’d go for something like this, something out of the ordinary. At the time I couldn’t tell you why I wanted, no had to play this instrument. But now I could tell you why, it’s because out of all the instruments there, out of all the different popular types of instruments, this one was the underdog of our time. The woman who owned the instrument walked up to me and politely asked ‘Are you interested in learning how to play?’ I was for the second time in my life happy. I looked at her and with an excited tone said ‘I am, but one question. What’s it called?’ The woman grinned and let out a small laugh before replying to my question ‘It’s called a violin. It is one of the most difficult instruments to play. But if you do learn to play it properly, it feels and sounds satisfying.’ By this point I was already wanting to learn to play, but I needed to do some basic hand-eye coordination test first, which I passed with flying colours.

My first lesson in playing a violin was a joyous one, my teacher could see that I was a natural with a violin. I learnt to play Celine Dion, My Heart Will Go On, Howard Shore, and The Breaking of the Fellowship etc. each on getting more and more difficult than the last, but I never gave up. I refused to give up because I knew I was capable of so much of being the best.

The next week, she came up to me during my lesson and asked me in front of her prize student ‘Drake have you played a violin before the lesson last week?’ I looked straight in her eyes told her I hadn’t, she then went and got me a violin, a sheet of music and told me to play the music. I did as she asked and all I could hear while I was playing was sighs from everyone in the class. Once I’d finished I looked at the teacher and asked if I’d done okay, stunned she looked at her prize pupil and back at me, I take it she didn’t know what to say. She walked out of the class to what I assumed was my teachers class. I sat there for what felt like thirty minutes when the prize student asked me something ‘Do you seriously not know what you’ve just done?’ confused I shook my head to which she responded with ‘You just played Schindler’s List, one of the hardest songs to perform. And judging by the paper it’s the orchestral version to, which is even harder.’

Needless to say I was shocked. My tutor soon came back in the room with the headmaster gathered us all together took us to the main hall and made everyone listen to the violinists play. First up the beginners, they were ok but plucking strings doesn’t really sound good. Next was the mediocre group, they were slightly better, some mistakes but they did sound better than the first group. Then it was my turn, I was to perform with the violin tutor’s star pupil. We were going to perform the star pupils chosen song, Schindler’s List.

I didn’t know what to expect, I knew the song, barely. How could my tutor expect me to keep up with her star pupil? Well the time came to play, the entire hall went silent and we began. Four minutes, thirty seconds. We played for four minutes and thirty seconds, while we were playing I hadn’t realised but some students and staff members were crying. My tutor was smiling from ear to ear and her star pupil, well she was also in tears. I couldn’t understand why until I saw the video that the headmaster had taken. Thirty seconds into the song my tutor’s star pupil stopped playing and it was only me playing solo for four minutes. I didn’t believe it, I mean how could I believe? I was a beginner and I had just played a song I’d only heard an hour ago fully and made people cry.

I was so happy. I had finally found my calling. I finally had a group that accepted me. Although some weren’t too happy for me.

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  • 7 months later...
  • Sapphire

Entry 3



Two years after my release from hospital.


About a month after playing in front of my school I was sat doing some work in the library, I think I was studying maths. Yeah it was definitely maths, damn pythagoras still gets me today. Anyway back to the point, I was sat down minding my own business when the school foreign representative came to the table. At first I paid no attention to her, I heard her fake cough, I believe she was trying to get my attention but I wasn’t giving it to here I was trying to read up on pythagoras. I was turning the page when she did it again that fake cough to get me to look up. I was convinced that she wasn’t going to leave me alone so I looked up to see a beautiful young woman, she had long blonde hair, bright blue eyes a smile that would make any normal guy regret not answering her the first time. Thankfully I’m not an average guy. I stood up and began to pack my things and while I was packing my things away I noticed her looking at me. I could see that her eyes were studying my body or what she could see of it that is. As she was looking over my body I looked over hers, she had a slender body, but it had some muscle, her attire was that of a button up shirt with the top four buttons undone, her skirt was short, short enough for that I could pretty much see all of her legs, she was wearing black leggings to keep herself warm while wearing the skirt, the leggings had tears in them most of them near her knees. Most people would have assumed what she had been doing to get those tears but I didn’t know her so I didn’t want to jump to conclusions. After all I wasn’t one to judge seeing as I could be judged as far worse. After staring at each other for roughly 30 seconds I proceed to ask,

‘Can I help you?’

She looked down towards the work that was left on the table then back up to my face. She started to speak, her eyes fixed on mine,

‘Hi, the names Jean, I enjoyed your performance to the school last month…’

I thanked her, she chuckled and looked down before continuing,

‘I was wondering…..’

I stopped her and spoke softly,

‘Not interested.’

She looked at me, surprised I guess but she began speaking again, only this time with disgust in her voice,

‘I was going to ask would you care to help me with my violin practice. But I guess even you judge people on their looks!’

She started to walk away, I spoke again still my voice was soft,

‘I’m sorry I didn’t assume anything. I’m just currently not in the mood to help anyone until I get this reading done.’

She stormed back to me and began to shout at me,

‘I know you assumed the worst of me! I saw it in your eyes! You were thinking “Oh she’s just a man pleasing girl who would sleep with anything that moves!” Well I’m not that type of person! I dress this way because I feel comfortable wearing i…..’

Her voice went from being angry to that of confusion,

‘Did you say “until you finish reading”?’

I nodded my head and she continued talking this time with an apologetic voice,

‘I’m sorry I thought you were assuming stuff about me and it’s just been a long day and…. And’

She began to cry and tried to hide her face. I spoke as softly as I could trying to comfort her,

‘Look Jean is it? I’m just going to finish this work and whatever other piece of work I have. If you give me until Friday I’ll be more than happy to help you with your violin practice.’

She nodded and lunged towards me and hugged me and she spoke softly,

‘I’m sorry I just broke down. I’m just tired of being judged by people’

I knew what she meant and I knew how she felt. I walked back to the table packed away my final bits and pieces and walked Jean to our next lesson.

A few days later.


Well today is the day the girl wanted me to go over to her place. That morning I looked in the mirror while getting dressed. I looked at the scars, went over them with my fingers each time I ended one line of scars I’d move on to the next and each time remembering the pain I felt. I slowly pulled my shirt over my body, as it glided down my chest I had a flashback. I saw a young woman, brunette, short with blue eyes. I saw her so clearly. Who was she? What did she have to do with me? I left my house that morning feeling empty. I started walking to the bus stop, when I had the urge to walk to school. I did only leave 30 minutes from the school and I had set of early so I did just that. I turned a street corner and there in the middle of the alleyway was a woman laying on her back, not moving. As I go closer I said spoke softly

“Miss? Are you ok? Do you need an ambulan……”

I was close enough to see her face. She was hurt, badly. Blood was running down from her forehead, her shirt was torn and her jeans had been ripped. I fell to my knees and got closer to her mouth. I turned my head, looking down towards her feet. I couldn’t hear her breathing, I couldn’t even see her chest moving. I pulled myself up so I was looking over her. I opened her eyes, seeing if I could get a reaction but nothing. I started to panic, I thought to myself

‘What the hell do I do?’

Quickly I pulled my self together remembered basic first aid and how to resuscitate someone. I placed my hands on her chest and began compressing her chest. I compressed her chest in intervals of five. I counted them allowed

“One, two, three, four, five”

I repeated this process twice and on the final attempt the woman took a deep breath and began coughing. Her head fell looking away from me, I could hear her groaning

‘Good she’s breathing, now call an ambulance dumbass!’

That’s all I could think was to get this girl to a hospital and into the care of professionals, so I dialled 911 and this was how the conversation went

Me: Hello, I need help!

Operator: Hello which service do you need?

Me: I need an ambulance ASAP!

Operator: Who are you, what’s the emergency and where are you?

Me: My name is Drake Winters I’m near a gas station next to my school and I found a girl laying in the middle of an alleyway, she’s hurt badly! She wasn’t breathing, now she is and she is drifting in and out of consciousness! Please hurry!

Operator: Alright, Drake an ambulance is on the way I need you to stay on the phone with me ok?

Me: Just hurry up, she’s losing blood and fast!

Operator: Ok, an ambulance is right around the corner

Thankfully she wasn’t lying, I was taken with the ambulance crew and the girl to the hospital, the girl was rushed into ICU and I was told only immediate family can come in. I moved to a waiting room and sat there. Waiting. Hoping that this girl was going to be ok.

But little did I know this my fate, destiny or whatever you want to call it was more intertwined with this girls than I knew.

*Side note I do apologise if this seems rushed the next entry should be better*

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  • Sapphire

Damnnnn, back at it again Drake Winters.

Do you like it?

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