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What do you guys think about my character?

Good or Ok/could be better?   

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So I wanted to get your(the communities)opinion on my character, it took me  a while to try and think up of a character I could bond myself too and I am still not sure about what I think of him, so far I have not had any encounters or actual gameplay experience to tie him too but here is the general jist of his background, without giving too much away.

[ spoiler ]

 My name is Valkyr H.(Hallmark) Krom.

I am a man from Chernobyl, where I grew up with my mother not ever having a father figure, we grew up with a group of gypsies who ultimately became my family and I learnt how to survive from them, living within the exclusion zone where the radiation enclosed us from the rest of the province we had to farm and scavenge the few supplies we could muster in order to survive, soon we started being pestered by a local bandit group who would go out in search of treasures and wealth to sell on the black-market.

We would often not comply and fight back, as there were often not too many of them and it was hard for the group too sneak up on us due to our geographical location.

One day, they went too far, coming in  numbers through an abandoned sewer tunnel we never knew of, they raided and killed most of us, taking a few hostage and killing of the weak, elderly and enslaving the rest.

I had managed to escape and live in another sector where my mother would often go with the others to search for supplies,  I was young at that time, around 10 years old, but I had little left to go back too and if I did, I would surely be killed or die of lack of nutrition.

After a few years I started getting bolder, scouting out my old home looking for a chance at revenge,having found an old rusted AK and a drum magazine, as well as finding an old military compound in some lightly radiated woods I used a reloading bench and some surplus discard of cartridges and gunpowder to reload some rounds to fill up the magazine, following the instructions from a nearby survival pamphlet.

I knew where the bandits camp was located roughly, so under the cover of night I went back, found the old sewer tunnel and travelled through it.

I came upon a residential area, it looked hardly like anything from the pre-disaster photos I had seen, blood and graffiti lined the walls with pentagrams, group tags and foul language.

Gunshots had echoed through the city and I could barely move around without questioning if I had been discovered or not, daylight was to come soon so I decided to get into and old apartment residence and climb the shaft to the very top floor where I could wait it out until night fell once again.

Upon inspection through the windows, I noted a shanty town looking camp, I could hear people screaming, could smell the burning flesh and hint of spices roaming the air.

I buckled myself up and reassured my nerves that I would get my vengeance, be it with my corpse hanging from they're towers or they're own, I hadn't much left to live for either way.

Night fell, and I grabbed my AK, it was tonight or the next, and I was the very least patient, yet scared shitless.

I crafted together what I thought was a nifty suppressor from an old oil filter with duct tape, and headed back down the shaft.

Creeping through the alleyways and slowly making my way to a hill situated above the camp-line , I waited for an opportunity to strike.

Eventually I got my chance, I noticed a patrol of about 5 men leaving the camp after hearing sporadic gunfire in the distance.

I could see at least 6 still hovering about the bodies and limbs they were cutting up inside the base.

So I moved in, I sliced the one mans throat and held him up against my chest, blood leaked over my arm and I waited for all of them to be slightly grouped together in front of me.

As soon as I got the chance, I bear hugged the body and gripped the rail of my AK and started spraying them down, they had no idea what was going on, soon it was just me and the smell of burnt gunpowder and corpses.

I had a quick look through the bodies and the crates and managed to find a few grenades, taking them and attaching them to a few snares I had previously in my backpack, I trapped the camp and decided it was time to leave.

From then on I wandered, back to my home, I consoled myself and remembered the good times.

Finding my way through the wilderness, I had managed to cross the border without at first realizing it, I met a group of mercenaries who took me in and taught me many other things.

I was 17 when I left the border, and since then after many years of such work with blood I needed a new start, I thought Chernarus was a great choice and with the money and contacts I had made, I bought a trade ship ticket that was going past, I lived for a couple years along the eastern towns in solitude, making my money as a hunter and farming for myself.

Then the outbreak happened and the shit starts again, I live only to not give up, and hope for a brighter future in this dim life of mine which has granted not much happiness, but I know myself, and I guess I can be thankful for that, who knows how long it might last.

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