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Green Cross - Mastering Survival and Lifesaving Techniques
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Rp "Hotspots"

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So, in my time of the server (All day today). I've had nice encounters. Thing is, these encounters were far and few ;-;. I visited two military locations and to my surprise, there was no-one. I've only ran into two people in cherno, and one in elektro on a full server. Honestly, all day was just me walking along picking up gear and killing the annoying zombies. Rather than get bored and stop for a bit, I was wondering if there are any popular locations for people to go.

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We've got a thread for people to post things like this in. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Where-the-fudge-is-everyone

The most obvious answers will be that people will tell you to find out in character, find out in game, because of course the best interactions are always unscripted. However, paying attention to open frequency radio chatters might also give some hints away. Otherwise, keep an eye on the thread provided.


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