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Server time (UTC): 2023-09-26 21:45

Bad RP/gear over RP/killing of a compliant hostage/combat log

Chilli Musk

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  • Sapphire

Server and location:

S1-Stary Sobor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 

08-01-2016 0:50

Your in game name: 

Sergey Cerny

Names of allies involved: 

hmm it was phil im not sure about the full name

Name of suspect/s: 

dont know (but maybe the irish people)

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 


Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

http://www.twitch.tv/theonechilliconcarne/v/34129388   02:53:00

Detailed description of the events:

i was talking with Phil for a long time and then they are coming more people to us, after 2min of talking they pointed a gun at us only to get the sword and the helmet, the RP was pretty low and short. they beating phil multiple times to the ground(me also 1 time), with the risk that he died. at the end one guy shot phil for a stupid reason in the head and end the RP for him. the RP was only for 20min interrupt from 2min of disconnect.

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  • MVP

Kill Logs:

Line 114: 00:12:00 | Player "Phil Lawson"(id=) has been killed by player "Lewis Schultz"(id=)

Hit Logs:

Line 59: 00:04:52 | "Lewis Schultz(uid=) HIT Phil Lawson(uid=) by fist into rightarm."
Line 62: 00:04:54 | "Lewis Schultz(uid=) HIT Phil Lawson(uid=) by fist into head."
Line 64: 00:04:54 | "Player Phil Lawson(id=) has fallen into unconsciousness."
Line 66: 00:04:54 | "Lewis Schultz(uid=) HIT Phil Lawson(uid=) by fist into head."
Line 74: 00:07:40 | "Lewis Schultz(uid=) HIT Phil Lawson(uid=) by fist into head."
Line 76: 00:07:40 | "Player Phil Lawson(id=) has fallen into unconsciousness."
Line 78: 00:07:40 | "Lewis Schultz(uid=) HIT Phil Lawson(uid=) by fist into head."
Line 83: 00:08:38 | "Player Phil Lawson(id=) has fallen into unconsciousness."
Line 85: 00:08:38 | "Lewis Schultz(uid=) HIT Phil Lawson(uid=) by fist into head."
Line 108: 00:12:00 | "Lewis Schultz(uid=) SHOT Phil Lawson(uid=) by Glock19 into head."
Line 110: 00:12:00 | "Player Phil Lawson(id=) has fallen into unconsciousness."
Line 112: 00:12:00 | "Lewis Schultz(uid=) SHOT Phil Lawson(uid=) by Glock19 into head."

Line 54: 00:04:39 | "Lewis Schultz(uid=) HIT Sergey Cerny(uid=) by fist into head."
Line 56: 00:04:40 | "Player Sergey Cerny(id=) has fallen into unconsciousness."
Line 89: 00:09:17 | "James Kenny(uid=) HIT Sergey Cerny(uid=) by fist into head."

Chat Logs:


Connect/Disconnect Logs:

Line 41: 00:02:28 | Player "Sergey Cerny" is connected (id=)
Line 892: 03:28:32 | Player "Sergey Cerny"(id=) has been disconnected

Line 10: 00:01:03 | Player "Lewis Schultz" is connected (id=)
Line 378: 01:03:48 | Player "Lewis Schultz"(id=) has been disconnected

Line 37: 00:02:05 | Player "James Kenny" is connected (id=)
Line 162: 00:23:32 | Player "James Kenny"(id=) has been disconnected

Calling Lewis Schultz and James Kenny into the report to post their POV.

Also, James Kenny, please explain why you disconnected 11 minutes after the last known hostilities took place.

Line 112: 00:12:00 | "Lewis Schultz(uid=) SHOT Phil Lawson(uid=) by Glock19 into head."
Line 162: 00:23:32 | Player "James Kenny"(id=) has been disconnected

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  • Emerald

I will be posting my POV later today.

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  • Sapphire

I'm going to be at work for most of the day so I'll post my pov when I'm off.

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My POV: I had been RP'ing with Sergey for a while, and after beginning to walk away I heard a couple of people approaching. I turned around and approached again, when someone behind me screamed for me to put my hands up. This was about a minute or two after they approached. I complied, but was fairly immediately sarcastic and derisive, as per my character. To explain, since I realize that that's been heard too many times before: Phil grew up in an abusive household, and that kind of immediately angry and defensive reaction is the exact way I've seen my own cousins react after getting hit. It's a way of trying to feel like you're in control even when helpless. Now, in this particular situation, after finding out that Sergey was just a kid, it was also a way to make sure that the majority of the physical abuse was directed away from Sergey, and towards himself. However, the way this played IG is that the accused almost immediately lost control of the situation, and began speaking IG as if they were smack talking in a pub server. They split off into two groups and one of them shouted "FOLLOW ME!" Sergey and I and followed the one we saw walking up the hill, and then they started screaming a random assortment of "NOT HIM" and "YOU FUCKING IDIOTS" before we were both knocked out. We then followed those that they initially meant for us to follow, while they insulted us and I responded my mocking their organizational skills. This seemed to annoy them OOC, because when we got into the red house the entire situation just about disintegrated. At first it was calm enough that I could tell who was speaking, but within a few seconds it degenerated into a couple of guys circling us and trading insults. The last thing I heard was something like "We, just, like, fuckin needed, uh some of your shit, straight up," to which I responded, "What are you, a fucking 15 year old," and then I was shot. The rest of them were yelling and laughing in VOIP with "Don't kill him!" and "Why did you kill him!?"

We were physically complying at every point of the encounter, and at no time did they actually attempt some kind of RP way to shut me up beyond punching. They could have done something, like putting a knife to my throat, they could have threatened Sergey's life, they could have RP'd waterboarding - literally anything. But instead, they just got annoyed and killed me. The impression that the last sentence gave me is that they were looking for a quick 5 minute robbery so that they could grab Sergey's helm, and that was about it.

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  • Legend

Connection logs:

00:01:05 | Player "Reimy Staryo" is connected (id=)
00:36:45 | Player "Reimy Staryo"(id=) has been disconnected

00:01:14 | Player "Ryan ORyan" is connected (id=)
00:57:57 | Player "Ryan ORyan"(id=) has been disconnected

04:11:19 | Player "Izzy LaRod" is connected (id=)
06:13:24 | Player "Izzy LaRod"(id=) has been disconnected

Chat Logs:

00:14:00 | Chat("Ryan ORyan"(id=)): *Taks off mans cowboy hat*
00:14:06 | Chat("Ryan ORyan"(id=)): //TAKES*

Calling in Reimy Staryo, Ryan ORyan and Izzy LaRod to post their full PoVs.

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  • Sapphire

My POV is incredibly simple. I was there, talking to them, one of my guys initiated. I spoke a couple more minutes after this before I had to go so I ran away up to the forest north of stary where I sat in a tree afk for 25-30 minutes before returning and closing the game.

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  • Sapphire

My POV is pretty much all in the video. We initiated on 3 people sent 1 of them off because he was being respectful and we did not need anything he had so we sent him on his way. After taking them into the red house my friends began to rp with the two men but after some back and forth I jumped in to rp but after I began talking Cleric decided to call me a "15 year old" probably as a attack on my voice which I thought was pretty funny, Lewis then shot the man because he had warned him to not make any smart ass comments. I then talked with Chilli, telling him we were gonna leave and telling him to not follow us etc.

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  • Sapphire

i want to talk with these guys over TS tomorrow, so pls hold on with the verdict.

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  • Sapphire

Sorry for the late POV but here it is ~ Now my side of things is as deadplex put it(seen in the video). We take 3 guys and let one go for being nice. When it comes to the other two, cleric was warned multiple times to stop with the back talk or he would die. I ended up punching him at one point for the disrespect. As for the "15 year old" comment althrough I didn't kill him, I can see why lewis shot him; for being the last straw after so many chances to stop. Thats pretty much it.

Edit: As for logging early for two reasons, one was for the fact my dogs were flipping out/ got loose and the fact that I had work early in the morning. By the time my dogs were settled it was late, so i forgot to contact someone that I had to log.

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  • Emerald

MY POV: We took 3 people hostage and as Enigma said we let one go with all of his belongings due to his attitude being good. Cleric started speaking shit so I warned him not to continue or I will kill you, after 6 warnings he insulted us again so I shot him for not complying to my demand. After I killed him I walked out of the house.

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Guest Orignal

Izzys POV: I was Izzy the guy they let go. I was walking towards stary when I see all these guys and approach them. The big group soon intiates on us and we all put our hands up. From there I explain that I am just a trader and they check that and release me. I don't have any prior connection with anyone involved in this. If possible please remove me from this report I don't want to get involved.

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  • Sapphire

ok we have talked over TS, close the report pls :)

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  • Legend

Glad you managed to talk it out.


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