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Hi, just a freshspawn on this website, please lead me in the right direction

Guest friendlybandit

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Guest friendlybandit

Hi there

I've just created my account, and looking forward to starting a fresh life in DayZRP, please point me in the right direction :^)

added a little screenie so this post isn't completely boring


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Hello There Welcome To DayzRP.

Here you can make your dreams come true but follow the rules and don't get banned !

The Lore is something that you want to read also just to get some back ground knowledge (Good Read).

Your a newcomer there is a thread all about being one so go ahead a read that also! (If You would like).

Look out for the Orange names these are the people that will help you with all you problems(Just PM them)

Make friends talk to people that's why we have TS  .

This is the very last thing you want to worry about you can run alone but is scary out there and maybe you want to look for a group .

I may have missed some things out but here are the most important things you want to know but i hope you have a lovely time here.

-Love Cookie!  heart.png

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  • Sapphire

Welcome :)

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  • MVP

You could add little screenies to each post. Makes everything look really nice.

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Guest friendlybandit

Heya buddy. Welcome to the community and good luck with the whitelisting if you haven't done it already.

Ah, whitelist! Where do I find this?

And thanks to everyone for investing their time into this post

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Hello and welcome to the community. I hope you will find it enjoyable to be here as I have. A little bit of advice for you is don't be afraid to ask questions. Everyone has been new and nobody will hound you for it. They all understand what it is like. Goodluck with the whitelist and hope to see you ingame some day.


There is the link to the whitelist. If that doesn't work its found under the information tab.

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