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Bloodied notepad Found in elektro school. [Rp Story for my character]

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Hey guys im ShortNAnnoying Or for short SNA Ive been searching for serious roleplay mods for games forever and this seriously peaked my intrest so hopefully ill enjoy it and the community will accept me with open arms :) Im only 16 so dont berate me please.


As you pick up the notepad you notice a hole going through the top right corner and blood covering the black cardboard flip cover

As you flip the front page you are greeted by what seems to be a bloody lock of short blond hair and a memo "Im sorry dad", Your mind trembles as you realize the true meaning of the memo and flip the page to begin reading

I cant believe its been a year... mother still grieves but she carrys on, thankfully shes still got me or god knows what would have happened to her she can barely eat a can of beans let alone shoot a gun or drive a car, dad why were you stupid enough to "Sacrifice" yourself? this isint some kind of tragic film this is real life. No second chances, i know you and i both hated this acronym sincerely but all those "Gangsta's" and "Thugs" were right Yolo. cant believe i just wrote that on this notepad, its not very big and i paid 2 Whole cans of beans for it! At least i can practice my spelling and handwriting again maybe one day this infection will pass and we will be able to restart life, not before laying you to rest properly dad im sorry all i could do was two sticks tied to one another but we didnt have much time we had to get to the trading post. It was the only other safe place that we could go and not get mauled in the blood fest, But its been a year why am i still writing about this crap. I need to man up. I need to forget you and move on as much as it hurts... Were going to drive to elektro and see if we can join up with some people hopefully it wont take long.

You flip the page to find that 3 quarters of said page are missing

Someone at the trading post came with us, hes promising fuel and a single m24 clip, we can finally use the rifle for hunting and get some real food unlike that canned crap, ive let mother drive to boost her confidence slightly and to allow her to know that i still trust her no matter what state she is in. hopefully well make it to elektro soon as its gettin-An unreadable scribble finished the page but you can make out just a few of the words ark..the...fue..low

You then notice that several more pages are missing from the notepad and have to deal with not knowing what had happened between said problems

Sorry i ripped out all those pages, they made me run those bandits those filthy disgusting pigs... i knew when i head something ping i wasent hearing things. They shot out the fuel tank. God knows how they did it as that is one hell of a shot but they did it, the fuel was leaking out for a while but we made it quite far so i strived the the night and arrived here at elektro and made my way to the school as it seemed safe. By myself. That bastard we picked up was working with the bandits, i knew because i ran and hid behind a bush and watched as they paid him in food and water for my mother, i dont know where she is but i will find her, were ever they took her isint safe i know she wont go down without a fight and she'll find a way to get a message to me but for now i will....

You flip the page again and find it to be the last page and only half full with the gun shot taking up most of the page

I heard noises from downstairs in the school and poked my head out only to find a man with a revolver coming up shining his flashlight in my eyes he tried to reassure me and say it was safe but when i let my guard down he shot at me.. he was a lazy shot but took my pinkies fingertip off and left a hole in this notepad, i pushed him down the stairs and i think i might have broken his neck but im too scared to check so im going to leave this notepad here and hope someone finds it..

You notice a fairly quick scribble on the back of the note book it looks like information

Name: Cade Excell

Age: 16

Height: 173 cm (5'8")

Weight: 68 kilo (150 lbs)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Heterochromia making his eyes blue and grey but wears dark sunglasses to hide it

Pre-Outbreak Profession: High school student

Demeanor in Three Words: Loyal, Trustworthy, Brave.

So guys lemme know what you think, done this in half an hour as my backstory kinda thing :) Enjoy and yes i am really 16 but dont worry about me being immature.

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