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So what can we do?

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I have a friend that played here on dayzrp with my a long time ago he kinda got perma banned for reaching 30 points and he got no other chance to get back here he cant makea  banapeal anymore and alt acount wont be accepted as he knows it he actually tryed it but he told my he knows it wont be accepted well i never going to play without him as he don't have a family in real life because of his medical condition he left his family to leave alone in an apartment i am his family so i try to get some help as the staff was right i seen worse than him i seen peoples who had 80 points and got an another chance i saw he showed my the last report that got him banned it was not good but as i know that was a hard time for him he had to leave his family and he had to go to doctor every day for 8 hours he never got the cahnce to go to team speak to talk with someone because he got banned from team speak for the reason he is permanently banned as his brother not a real borther but almost like i make this question maybe some staff memeber can look into his profile and see how many times he break rules and why as i don't have the pover to do that i can only help him like this i never played without him thx for the support maybe we can get an answer i am talking about Kenny and his forumname was KennySP. there was a friend of him made him a banapeal that got closed beacuse wont be accepted by any other person or alt account so i could only make this for him a question thx for the support i am sure kenny had friends here and some enemies but as he never been a person that tells his emotions he never said if he made enemies as he only said he staff is right but what else i can do so i help him idk what peoples think about him but he is not a bad rulebreaker person i know i may get warnig or something for this but it wroth it if i get an answer i know how much rp was part of his life.

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Guest Callie

He was banned for reaching well over 30 points within a month. His ban appeal was denied as he showed no intention on following the rules.


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