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DayZ frame skipping

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It appears that my game will freeze for a minute or so while I am in the RP servers, only to hop back running with me in an enitrely different place metres away from my previous location. This only happens on the RP servers, and it happens while I am in the options menu as well while in the server. an anyone help?

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it could be due to server lag or the fact that you have a really bad ping when you join. However I doubt it is actually your ping since I play on 400 ping on a daily basis.

This could be due to your hardware, DayZ is known to transfer a lot of data from your CPU to your RAM. Try to disable most of the high CPU usage apps when launching up DayZ

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  • Sapphire

Not sure of PC specs, but playing on lowest possible will strain your CPU taking away from your GPU, if you have a decent rig download a program called "Park Control" It unparks your CPU giving it more priority, I notice a slight fix in frames when I use it.

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  • Sapphire

There are some things that you can edit in your CFG files to improve the fps here let us know if this helps in any way.

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  • Sapphire

Glad you were able to fix the issue.


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