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Guest Callielucky


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Guest Callielucky

Hey I'm new here and while I wait for my white list app to go threw I figured I would introduce myself and make my first post. First off I'm a 17 year male from Canada (sorry if my user name made you think I was female ;p). I found out about dayz RP maybe almost 6 months ago from a youtuber who goes by the name of de4dcert. At the time I only had my laptop which was terrible so I never really considered joining. I'm by no means a noob to dayz however as I forced myself to play it on lowest settings and at a terrible frame rate just because I loved to idea of it so much. Now that I have my pc built I am looking for a bit of a change. I've tried other maps but for some reason I just don't want to leave good old chernarus and some roleplaying would be a quite a change. Anyway hope to meet some interesting people in game thanks for reading!

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