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A way to increase your fps

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Greetings folks of the world of Life is Feudal! 

When playing the game I continuesly had issues with my framerate being at times around 10 fps. After looking around at the internet (and some experimenting by myself) I found quite a way to gain fps with some  adjustments to the coding.

Even though this tutorial and my experiments were succesful, always keep a copie of the files you adjust! When something goes wrong you can replace the "adjusted" file with the original.

First of al, there is this tutorial floating around the internet. I tried it myself and it seems to be working quite well!



Also, after some experimenting myself I found a way to decrease the amount of grass spawning around the world, which increases the framerate as well.

In the same file as the tutorial (Steam\SteamApps\common\Life is Feudal Your Own\scripts\client

and open cm_environment.cs), look for the "singleton GroundCover". There are several different types of those. Underneath this there is the line of code "maxElements = ". Changing the amount will either decrease or increase the amount of gras/foilage. By decreasing it you again gain a little bit of fps. 


    singleton GroundCover(SnowGrassDrifts) {

      radius = "100";

      dissolveRadius = "80";

      reflectScale = "0.25";

      gridSize = "4";

      zOffset = "0";

      seed = "1";

      maxElements = "25000";  <------------------( Change this amount)

      maxBillboardTiltAngle = "90";

      shapeCullRadius = "150";

      shapesCastShadows = "0";


There are also ones that change the amount of rocks/crops. They often have an extra line of code:

   singleton GroundCover(Rock_GC) {

      Material = "SteppeMat_mat"; <-----------------(Don't change ones having an extra line of code like this.)

      radius = "100";

      dissolveRadius = "50";

      reflectScale = "0.25";

      gridSize = "4";

      zOffset = "0";

      seed = "1";

      maxElements = "14000";

      maxBillboardTiltAngle = "90";

      shapeCullRadius = "100";

      shapesCastShadows = "1";

The reason for this is because I didn't try it. Feel free to experiment, but beware of any strange consequences!

I advise you folks to first play around in a private server to see what works best for you. And again, SAVE COPIES OF THE ORIGINAL UNADJUSTED FILES!

I hope this will be helpfull for some and have fun with Life is Feudal!

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It actually happens to me quite frequently even when the server is still up. I open up the console using Ctrl+tildkey (~) and paste this in


It seems to work, sometimes I have to do it a couple times in a row but eventually my character gets back on track.

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