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The Traveler

Trade Post meet up tommorow

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Yo guys, trying to get peopl to meet up at the trading post tommorow for a meeting involving the north west segment of Chernarus on RP server 1 (found on the RP launcher as the cherno one) at about 9pm GMT +1 time :D

anyone interested in taking back the region, clan or otherwise be there for meeting :D

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just dont forget to start rdm or kos please. I think we have to many reports by now.

No hostile actions in the tp. RP'ing is not running around claiming an area and shooting all the people on sight.

What you could do though is initiating on people " This is our area now, please leave berezino after you dropped you weapons. You have 10 seconds". As soon as he complies you cant shoot him anymore.

but really important tough is that you shouldnt just shoot someone at tp!

Add to the First sentence not to start .... Haha

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^ I am well aware of the rules and, believe me, all will be revealed and decided tommorow depending on how many people are interested

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Guest WaltteriH


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