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AG Tom

Hello // Help!

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Hello There! I recently heard about this dayz mod and I thought it looked awesome! I was just about to try and get myself whitelisted when I seen Rules passphrase? I don't understand what this means can anybody help me?

Back to the introduction. My name is Tom, I am 13 years old but for my age I am mature. I have played Rp on different games and I really enjoy it. But I have a feeling this will be a lot better than what I've played! I hope to be on the server soon!

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Well Tom welcome to the server, please read over the rules before applying so you know what the server is all about!

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Guest Slip

Hey Tom! Welcome to DayZRP.

The rules passphrase refers to a hidden phrase in the rules.

We CANNOT assist you with finding it, but we assure you it is not much of a challenge. Regardless, please refrain from asking again :)

Good luck :)

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