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Whitelist application questions


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Hello friends, 

Since my time constraints have recently become less stringent, I've been looking forward into getting back to this wonderful community! However, the new application process has given my quite a bit of trouble...I was hoping that someone could shed some light on the two last questions that I got incorrect. I really support this new complex application process...I just hope that I'm not to inept to finally correctly answer it. Thanks for everybody's time.



/Rolle: removed screenshot with whitelist questions

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  • El Presidente

Please read the sticky "READ BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION" in this forum.

It states that "If you have questions about whitelist application or rules please do not create a thread, instead contact a Community Helper through PM or join the TeamSpeak Helpdesk."

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  • Diamond

hey it if you need any help you can always get on ts and get help from one from one of staff members.

or you can find the answer by reading the lore  and the rules

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