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Cadence - Ban Appeal

Guest Cadence

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Guest Cadence

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

No link

Why the verdict is not fair:

The verdict was fair but when I was banned I was on holiday and I didn't really see the point of putting in a ban appeal but my friends have started to come play here and I felt like it would be about time that I could try and join back again.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I've learnt my lesson since the time of my ban and I really want a second chance, I was never banned previously to my perma ban.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

An unban hopefully

What could you have done better?:

I could of told you that there was a perma banned player but even I did not know myself as the leader's covered up his identity but I had my suspicions.

Note: It was hard to describe my ban due to the fact it was a while ago and I was on holiday at the time and didn't even know I was banned at the time.

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  • Titanium

How were you unaware of Steve's presence within the clan after you had been acquaintances with the UKSF (Steve Blazer & Ryan Shepherd's group)? As well as this, you have also been involved in small roleplaying communities where Steve was an active player, often interacting with yourself and other staff members of those communities.

Surely you would have recognised his voice while playing with the group as you had a long past with him.

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Guest Cadence

I had my suspicions it was him but I couldn't confirm it was him without a proof of ID from him, He had been giving people the wrong identity. After we were all banned we found out he was a "cat fish" and had been faking his whole identity for a long time. I couldn't confirm it was him as I hadn't spoke to him in a while when I first heard him I was like "Steve?" but the rest of the group covered up who he was and I believed them.

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"The Lads" were investigated for months.

The Admin team to the time was in contact with all of you. We made you aware of our suspicion and confronted all of you directly and we gave every single one of you the opportunity to come clean to us.

You might have not been around for your ban (Your last post was on the 15.04.2014 - Your ban was issued at the 22.04.2014) but you where aware of the Admin team investigating.

You knew weeks before your actual ban that the Admin team knew "Mike Golf" is Steve Blazer, as the Admins has spoken to "the Lads" several times.

You and your friends did lie for him, you lied on direct confrontations and you still dont say the truth in this ban appeal.

We would have hoped you would come clean now, but you still dont give a clear answer to us. We are sure that you knew who he was and that you covered him.

"Mike Golf" was Steve Blazers name to the time and he played here several months after he was permanently banned from the community and the whole "Clan" knew about it, including you.

We have always perma'd people covering up for permabanned players and we gave amnesty for those who have been honest with us.

We will not allow you to come back to DayZRP. We wish you all the best and good luck.

The truth doesn't cost anything, but a lie could cost everything

- Wiz Khalifa

Appeal denied

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