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Staff Compliment - DustinRay

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Hey DayZRP,

I do not see anywhere a place to put this in specific, so I thought I'd just drop it in here, that way everyone can take a quick gander!, I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to "Dustinray". I first spoke to him yesterday, when he was helping me with how to get started in the application process.

Dustin has shown very professional standards of assistance when I have gone in to request assistance and he's even taught me a few things that I never even knew about before today, such as the "Servers" feature on steam, where you can check the server status of your favorite server.

I appreciate all of the hard work of all the staff, especially you, Dustinray. Keep it up!


Oscar Coates.


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I apologize - Thank you.

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As Strider said we already have a section solely dedicated for staff feedback. Please post your feedback there in the future.


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