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[Open Frequency] To Tofi

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*Jax wipes blood from his lower lip and checks his empty bag that was left for him by his attackers* 

*he takes out his radio and presses the button*

"I'm not sure who is out there to hear this, I recently got robbed by a man named... Tofi. I was beaten and bloodied for talking back. That's okay, what was enlightened to me was the true status of the world today. We live each day and we hear of heros at every campfire tale. The regulator's bring justice to the apocalypse. A man helped a women find someone or helped a guy who had just been taken hostage. You know what I'm tired of being the hero. Where the hell does being the hero get me? This world is gone man. What is and what was are totally blurred. To the men who robbed me, Tofi, thank you. If i ever and I will stumble upon you again, I thank you for making it easier for me to put a bullet in your head. I will take what was mine and after that I'll take whatever I need to survive

 You gave me purpose.

*Radio static returns to the frequency*

*Jax gets up and throws his bag over his back, a sneer of cold command etched onto his face*

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*Elias lets outs a sigh as he tosses his half used cigarette to the forest floor, boot quickly stomping out the lingering flame*

*After a moment of contemplation, he finally presses the button on his weathered radio and speaks with his thick Chernarussian accent*

"Sounds to me like you let this Tofi man corrupt your values and sensibilities. The moment you let this man guide your actions and attitude, is the moment you allowed him to win. Stop whining and pull yourself together. The world needs good, honest men, not brats."

*He finally releases the button on his radio, his free hand mindlessly breaking apart a fallen leaf*

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