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Jacob M Austin

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Me, circa 2009

[align=left]Howdy to whoever reads this,

[align=left]My name is Jacob Miles Austin, and I am a Texan first, Patriot second, and American third. I was born in the small town of Jacksonville, Texas on March 15, 1987. My father, he was a drunk, not around much, and my mother was either workin', gamblin', or takin' care of me. In my younger years I went from relative to relative, all 'round Texas. Once I reached about 12 I ran away from Aunt Clara, and stayed at friends houses. In these years I started learnin' about guns, travelin', and other thangs a runaway child would need to survive on hunded mile journeys.

[align=left]When I reached the age of 16, I quit goin' to school and got a job as a ranch hand. After some delicate time with the daughters of the rancher, and some close calls, I got outta dodge. After that, I roamed 'round, workin' with Yankees, Negroes, Chinks, and all other kinda folks. Then I's was wacthin' this show about sasquatch, and I was sure interested. I went and called a huntin' group that was up in Yankee Country, and they said if I could get to Indianapolis, I could be a part of the group. So I went there(Not without some trouble), and I was a part of this group of squatch hunters. They went around America, and made stops in Texas, California, Washington, Vermont, and all other states. When we was close, there was word that a squatch was killed in this here nation, Chernarus. So we came out here in about late July 2015.

[align=left]In a month or so we saw the body of the squatch, and all of us looked at each other, and knew that we had to bag one ourselves. So we went huntin', we went towards Takistan, Russia, and other places around Chernarus. After this whole shit went down, and the quarantine went up, we was stuck between a Russian Army and a Blockade. We didn't have a car, as we was gonna leave soon on a plane and turned in our rentals. So we hung around this abandoned buildin' in Electro. Then the real shit happened, In the night, I was sleeping in a small room, and everyone else was out in the front room. Someone must've left the door open when they went to piss in the night, and it didn't go well. I had to kill 'em all zombified and shit. I packed up the essentials, and set off.

[align=left]Here I am, run off to this little town "3eneHoropck". I ain't at home, and I ain't with anyone. I might die out here, but who the hell knows, maybe them Islanders are sending out rescue parties to the mainland. I might still have some hope.

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