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Whitelist Application Not Working

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I started to fill out the application form for the servers and failed the question on one question. But I noticed that my steam ID wasn't there and my age was blank. I logged out and tried to log back in and it would log me in. I closed the webpage and still wouldn't log in. I left it a day and then it would let me log in but it still said I failed the questionnaire but this time my ID and age was there. But there is no way I can restart the application form. 

Any Idea's on what happened and what I can do?


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Can you refresh your page and tell me if it's corrected now?

If not, please send me a PM (or any admin) with a screenshot if possible.

If it's easier, you can of course join TeamSpeak and speak to an admin there.

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It now indicates I am in a cool down period. Thank's for the help. I will apply when the time is up.

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Glad you got your problem /solved

I will mark this thread as /solved

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