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Polish illustrator, animator and director turns old legends into short SCi-Fi movies


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Polish illustrator, animator and director  Tomasz Bagiński turns old Polish legends into short SCi-Fi movies. As some of you may already know he is a creator or game intros to all three Witcher parts. He also will be working on The Witcher movie. 

If you enjoyed his previous works or if you have a few minutes break then feel free to watch his new movies. Remember to turn on CC.

Wawel Dragon

Original legend: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wawel_Dragon 

Baginski's movie:



Link for mobiles: 


Pan Twardowski

Original legend: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan_Twardowski

Baginski's movie:


Link for mobiles: 

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[align=justify]I've already seen those. The trailer itself looks great and the classic Turnau music perfomered by someone else sound amazing. The full version is interesting and I think it's the best form in which one can tell some legends to the younger generation. I hope that Baginski will prove himself once again working on The Witcher.

Wawel Dragon Trailer (Polish)

(I guess you have to watch it directly from youtube)


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Bardzo Pekni... that was the half Polack in me coming out. God I miss Krakow, I was there 7 years ago, beautiful city. Will have to go back soon. Awesome videos as well! Can understand some parts without looking at the subtitles. :)

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