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James Bonluff's Journal 12/11/15 - 12/13/14

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12 / 11 / 15

Back in action. Well 'action'. Gunshot wound still hurts, but hey I'm alive. Been trying to get in touch with the group of people that helped me out back in Novy. Some guy calls himself the Marshal apparently. Gonna try all the frequencies till I get it right.




Been busy on the coast lately. Lots of people running around scrounging up parts for all these crashed vehicles. Seem frantic to outrun the zombies now that they're back. Makes things interesting.

Merry and I ran into a guy named Riley. Good kid, but I have no idea how he's made it this far. Really green as to.. how to do anything really. Got him to Tulga as fast as I could before a zombie or bandit got to him.

12/ 12 / 15

Got in contact with the Trust. Name of the group that saved my ass. Turns out I ran into one of their members yesterday. Think his name was Yoshi. Nice guy.

Going to be trying to meet up with them soon. Gonna bring Murry along just in case. Better to have some back-up even if it's a bit...eccentric. He picked up a sword and knight helmet recently. Looks ridiculous, but it'll probably keep him alive.

In the meantime I'm gonna try and re-arm myself. Lost my Mosin and sidearm since getting shot.

Halfway there, found this neat little antique. I think it's called a Luger. At least that's what it was called in a video game I played forever ago. I think I'll name it Nueve since it has a 9 on the handle.

12 / 13 / 15

Got the Trust on the radio again. Meeting with Yoshi and Marshal. We meet up in Staroye then get a ride to Mycta. Lots of questions about my life before the infection. I tell the truth as best I can. It's a bit odd having this long of a conversation with someone without them wanting something or just running off.

They eventually interview Murry. He can't seem to sit still. Weirdo. Then again, better safe than sorry.

Eventually they find out about our 'fishing' forays. They don't outright reject us. But they warn that if we want to further pursue a relationship in their group it has to stop. Easy enough for me. I dunno about Murry.

Once that's all set and done we head toward Guglovo to meet up with a few more members. Met the Chief. Scary dude. In a good way.

Got my mosin back. Most of the paint must've gotten washed off in the recent storm. Gonna call her Bertha.

We're going to head to New Paris to get shown a 'fun time'. My own poor choice of words got us going in that direction. God I seem like such a kid compared to this dude.

Turns out New Paris isn't the paradise people claimed it was. Cesspool of bandits and manipulators. We're going there to help rescue someone in the Trust who got captured by the Matchmakers. Turns out I've already ran into their leader Elaina. Guess it really is legit. I can feel anger boil up.

I could have killed her ages ago. Back when we caught her during a fishing foray in Elektro. Now she's out here pointing a gun at someone's head and another tied up. I won't hesitate this time...

Things happen quickly. Capture a doctor. Free one. Control the house. Watch the doors. Silence...

Southern accents and a younger voice. Grit teeth. Marshal's voice. Gunshots.... Silence...

Managed to rescue the other guy, but Elaina is nowhere to be seen. Marshal is unconscious. Fuck. We cut out losses and run. I do what I can for Marshal before we split.

Running in darkness. Trees and a few stray shots. I get separated from the group. Find my way into Gorka. The Trust say that that's where the Matchmakers are going. I need water. They don't know my name or face. I can do this...

. . . They're close . . . No Elaina I don't think . . . My hands are surprisingly steady. I move through the shadows. Unseen. Unheard.

I found their car. AK with half a mag. If Marshal is okay he'll want this to restock his arsenal. No doubt he got looted while he was unconscious.

Book it. . .

Got as far as Orvolets before I see two people on the road. One is german. Male. The other... Southern. Female... Elaina. I freeze and grip the AK tightly. Enough bullets for both if they make a move. Stay calm. Stay calm.

She's talking to me. Wanted my name. I don't give it. I know what she's trying to do.

She steps closer. Confused as to why I won't tell her anything. I raise the rifle to her chest. "I know your voice." I start backing away. Coward. Coward. Coward! COWARD!

She tries to follow me, but I keep my aim steady. Keep backing up. Keep going........ C O W A R D . . .

She gives up on following me. Thankfully her friend wasn't interested in chasing a jumpy guy with an AK. They disappear.

Back on the coast. Every crack in the road brings a rush of familiarity and serves to unwind my frayed nerves. The soft light of a sunrise touches the grass bringing back color to the world of gray.

Back to Tulga. Back to safety. Back to routine.

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10/10, enjoyable read! I can't wait to see more!

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Nice to see the mention of Riley at the beginning :D Glad I could get his inexperience showing in RP. I enjoyed the rest and can't wait to perhaps run into James again!

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Nice to see the mention of Riley at the beginning :D Glad I could get his inexperience showing in RP. I enjoyed the rest and can't wait to perhaps run into James again!

You know where to find me. Been patrolling Kamy and Solnichney lately. Eventually winding my way back to Tulga to keep rebuilding.

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That was one hell of a cluster fuck!

Seriously! Prisoners should be traded for dangit!

That was the second time in Two Days Murry went along on a hostage Rescue and got his ass shot at!

Glad you managed to trade me a new helmet, the other had a bullet hole in it.

Always wear helmets @[email protected]

Always wear armour!

Difference between bleeding and unconscious vs DEAD

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