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Guest BathtubBarracuda

Clint "Grizzly" Grant - The Wanderer

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Guest BathtubBarracuda

Full name: Clint Christopher Grant

Nickname: "Grizzly"

Age: 21

Nationality: American

Born and raised in a town near Boston, Massachusetts, Clint quickly grew to love New England, especially during the wintertime, where he and his friends could go play ice hockey on the frozen lake. Clint was an average student in school that could've done much better if he hadn't worried so much about the future; Originally deciding to become a soldier, then a surgeon, then a cop, then a reporter, and finally settling on becoming a photographer. After returning from his service in the military, Clint's brother George had decided to settle down in a country named Chernarus with his fiance, a Chernarus native; While Clint was certainly upset, especially with the rumors of some rioting going around, he agreed to fly with them to take their wedding photos. Staying in a hotel room in a city whose name was far too long to pronounce (What was its' name? Chernogorsk? Cherry fork?), Clint quickly realized that the country had started to go to hell, with some petty rioting turning into a full-blown pandemic, with organizations like the Red Cross and the UN combating both looters and what could only be described as "sick" people, those who had fallen victim and turned into hellish creatures via a virus. 

Realizing that most exits out of the city were blocked off, Clint tried to leave the hotel, shoving his way past UN troops and trying to find his brother and fiance. Disoriented, Clint had taken only a few steps outside of the International Hotel when a commercial airline had lost control and spiraled out of the sky, colliding with the hotel, killing the troops who tried to dissuade him from leaving just minutes earlier, reassuring him that he was safe. Ironic.

Horrified, Clint broke into a sprint, pushing dazed UN soldiers, refugees, and even some infected, and hauled ass out of Chernogorsk, finding a small cottage in the woods with some guy's private stash (The owner had killed himself, apparently after being bitten, which Clint figured is how you get infected with the virus). Hiding out in the woods with nothing but a handheld radio, a camera and the food and water, he said, stunned, as the rest of the country gradually degraded into little more than a shitshow, with safezones falling horribly and just about every viable exit out of the country being sealed.

Suffering from depression, minor PTSD, and heavy survivor's guilt (Of the UN troops and his brother dying/presumed dead), Clint ran out of food in mid-November, and resurfaced near Chernogorsk.

While very, very far from believing in nonviolence, he has taken to believing that everybody deserves a second chance in the apocalypse, and murder shouldn't be necessary, though he isn't above robbery if absolutely needed. He thrives for human interaction after the deaths of so many, and wants nothing more than for people to survive during these dark times, although sinister characters within the apocalypse keep chipping away at his optimism.

Armed to the teeth, he travels the wastes with no goal in mind other than to trade with the other survivors.

Alone, he travels, hoping to survive as long as possible until either he escapes, finds a safe haven, or until death comes knocking on his door.

Whichever comes first.

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