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Lost everything on my character

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I was playing just now before the server went down and I logged back in, my character was reset and was spawned in a new place, I logged out as soon as I saw, but my character still lost everything! I was pretty geared, but that doesn't matter what i was more disheartened by was the fact that I was in the middle of a roleplay that was forming a new group and a new friendship, not sure if anything can be done, but it'd be great if something could. Thanks!

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I guess there was a problem with the private hive, some people's characters were reset. Not much you can do now that the damage has already been done.

Sorry to hear that happened to you. Good luck making your way back to where you were before.

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Honestly with all the DDOS bullshit its not even worth playing. Servers arent up anyway and if you try to relog right after a DDOS you will lose all your shit. Happened to me too.

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We're having a lot of issues with S3 connecting to the hive, as well issues with the whitelist.

The best thing you can do if you want your gear is wait it out and make sure that the server's safe before getting into. There's a possibility that your gear will return and it's possible that it won't.

Sorry for the inconvenience, just try and wait it out.


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