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[Open Frequency] Looking for a Purpose

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*Trent begins to pull his radio from his pocket as he finishes his can of beans and tosses it into the bushes. Sitting and thinking for a minute before pressing down on the button*

"Hey...uh..is there anyone out there? Around...uh...well I'm not sure. Chernarus is the only name I know of so far."

*He pauses for a moment seemingly awkward and not too sure what to say*

"I'm looking for...any kind of group I guess. All this time I've been wandering..alone. It's exhausting, and at some point you need to do more than just survive. There's gotta be something out there I can contribute to........cause if all there is to do is to survive until you die...what's the point? There's gotta be some organization? Anyone trying to get control over the situation? Even just a safe place set up and help guard? .....I think that's it."

*He sets the radio in his lap and leans against a tree, attempting to get some rest*

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*Elliot stops what he was doing as the voice on the radio comes through.*


*He pauses for a moment thinking of how he should phrase his words.*

"There are people around. Everyone finds their purpose eventually, those that don't... *pause*  they usually don't last long out here. You will meet people along your journey. Just be careful, Some people are not who they say they are."

*There is a pause as Elliot takes a breath*

"People usually hang around a town that's called "Kabinino" A.K.A New Paris. You might find what you're looking for there."

*Elliot ends his transmission and goes back to his duties.*

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*Adrian hears the voice of the man he met in Berezino a couple of nights ago*

Trent, It's me Adrian. You might not remember me but we met up in Berez a couple of nights ago. I suggest you do what the gentleman before me advised you to do, and head for New Paris. It's just next to a town called Stary Sobor. There are people there who can help you, in one way or another. Stay safe Trent.

*Adrian slings his rifle over his back and continues walking*

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*Trent hear's the familiar voice on the radio and takes it out as he is watching some deer in the distance*

"Oh hey man. Good to hear you again. I've been hanging out around that area since we split up, but very few people have been around. Also the one guy I met kept warning of bandits whenever a group walked through. The place was never guarded and there seemed to be more dangerous people than friendly people in the area so I moved on out."

*He puts the radio back in his pocket as he contemplates cooking some venison later*

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