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Just another hello.

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Hello! I'm Daniel (Call me Dicey, as it's my gaming alias (Yes, I know my forum username is asaguda, long story)) and I come from the southern reaches of Sweden.

Currently waiting for my whitelist application to get looked at, and hopefully I'll be accepted so I can jump on and play and RP and stuff.

TL;DR version: I consider myself a very experienced RPer. I've been in a DayZ RP community before, and have RP'd in other games, on forums, in chats and IRC, etc etc, for about 6 years. The other DayZ RP thing died so.. I'm really hoping I'll be accepted here.

I'll be looking forward to hopefully RP with you people. :D

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Hey Dicey! Welcome to DayZRP. This DayZRP server is far from dead.

Make sure you read the rules, and if you have questions, please check here first. If you want to roleplay in text, you can go here. I love to read about other characters.

Your TL;DR version seems to be longer. :P

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No, I meant that version is the short version of what would otherwise be a wall of text. :D Everyone hates those, for whatever reason.

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