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Mr. night

Distress [Open Frequency]

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*static comes on, you hear mumbling behind the static then a voice is clear*

goddamn, i think this is working...... hello, i'm Mr. Night and i don't know if anyone is receiving this, but its been eiggghtt---

*static comes on again voice becomes choppy then its back on again*

-- I think its been that long goddamn two months i just returned to Cherno and all signs of life seem to be gone, 

*you hear a loud sigh and some sniffles*

Well i don't know if there is anything out here, im looking i really am, all the people i have seen are crazy the poor bastards, they were too far gone i had to leave them, i could still hear their screams as they were torn apart

*you hear loud growls in the background and fast footsteps*

I'm sending this out because i need to know if there is anyone, i haven't seen anyone sane in such a long time i don't know what is happening anymore, i thought there would be more alive, but---

*static comes in and suddenly it's interrupted by screams and two loud gunshots*

*you hear him gasping and out of breath*

I-- i don't have much time here, i might be too far too-- i'm trapped stuck in this barn i locked the doors now, but i don't know how long that'll last--oh shit !!

*you hear loud growls in the background and footsteps running all around, gunshots are heard *

I--i just kept the---m out i barricaded the doors now, i need some help before these roam--ers get me, i'm lost somewhere near an airfield i think if im quiet they will go away, but im-----

*loud static interrupts and the transmission cuts out for a second*

---help i don't know if people are still alive 

*he laughs manically*

i just can't see it possible, but this is a distress and a call for anyone alive, your not alone im looking too----

*you hear more static accompanied by loud shouting then a thud is heard and the transmission cuts out*

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* Lying down on a bed and reading a book Vladmir hears the message coming from his banged up radio and yawing picks it up to respond *

Well товариш I hope you got out of that sticky situation, and let me welcome you back to South Zagoria and if you are searching for sane people then you should go and check the cemetery....there I think are the last ones that are sane.

* Vladmir then laughed loudly and shouted out of the window *

Isn't it right Vera eh?

* Only the gust of the wind answered him *

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'A radio transmission comes in'

This is Luitenant Levkin Zykov...


I have heard your radio transmission, do not give up hope, try to move to this Coordinates 044. 129. We can provide you with food, Shelter and Protection. 

'Static bursts into the radio transmission'

I repeat This is Luitenant Levkin Zykov... Do not give hope.. Shelter.. ....... Fo.... coord.... 0...4... 12...9.. i repeat...

'The transmission cuts out' 

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