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[Private OLD FACELESS FREQ]To the Mayor

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-Finnr sits in the tree overlooking the old ruins of what Tucker once tried to make strive out of..... It sure as hell had gone to waste all of their effort to clean the place up a well. He clicks on the radio around his belt with the Faceless Frequency on it-

-Static and birds can be heard and a groining noise it also appears the radio is being moved-

Hey Mayor Haas how are ya?

It's been a long time since Ive seen you.... It seems as if the hard working labor you once did for this beautiful piece of a mountain village are starting to decay..... It's a shame I actually rather liked what you did up here... But it doesn't matter, It's not like that is the specific reason why Im trying to contact you over this Frequency.

As an old friend we should meet again, we have some stuff to catch up to.

It seems like Fortune is escaping my radar for now but Im certain he will hear this.

I now finnally fully understand what it means to be done with stuff.... For the first time ever I understand why you didn't rebuild Pinewood.

So what do you say, shall we meet face to face and catch up?

-Finnr clicks off the radio and lets himself fall out of the tree he'd be needing to make himself some shelter somewhere for the night-

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