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Guest BathtubBarracuda

*Heavy coughing*

Hello? Hello? Is this...oh, yes it is. Stupid idiot. *A choked cough ensues, and the transmission cuts out for a second before returning*

This, uh...this is Private First Class Paul Winters, of the United Nations. I was, uh...I was one of the- *sniffle*- first troops to set foot in Chernarus, if that, uh...gives you any less reason to wish me dead. *Heavy sigh* Damn it, this is high school all over again. 

I was outside that hotel...the National one? International? Whatever it was, I was outside it when that damned plane flew right into it. Killed my CO, Cap'n Harper. Me and a few guys were, uh...outside when it hit. Brought the deadies like nothin' before. I was at the back, facing the ocean and that town a ways off. What's it called? Electricity?

*The transmission weakens as Winters breaks into a wheezing cough that lasts for several seconds, ending with him spitting*

Christ almighty...damn this all to hell. *A pause* O' Riley was in front. The infected latched onto him like leeches, just ripped him to shreds; Same for Connors and some other poor bastard I never spoke a word to. Fisher started shooting, but never hit 'im in the head...died right after that. Martinez didn't even fight, just took a few steps, stopped, put his rifle in his mouth and blew his brains out. After that, it was just me, Bennett and a few other troops that survived. I was always a runner, though. Thinkin' back, high school, cross country champion. Heh, heh...*Slight cough, and a heavy sniffle*

After that -zzzzzzzttttt- just me -zzzzzzzzzzzzttttttt- and Bennett, then after that, just, uh, just me. Some scared-out-their-mind refugees brought me in. Probably thought I was Jesus. Didn't speak English. Then the infected came. Then, just me again.

*Transmission cuts out for several minutes, leaving only static before it cuts in*

Hmph. Three weeks later. Thought I was out of the woods. Guess not. Heading back to Chernogorsk, full military gear, UN helmet and rifle and everything, even found my old bag back near the hotel. Had my Marine Corps dog tags in it. Funny.

We had fresh cases coming in with people who got bit or scratched or ate something bad and they didn't show any signs. Immune, they called it. Heh, wish I was them now.

Anyways, kiddies, back to story- *Breaks into another coughing fit* - Damn it. Not much time.

Looters in the city. Found part of Martinez, and some other UN trooper that ended took the easy way out back when everything went to shit. Looters had guns. Tried to rob me. Pulled my gun on them, dealt with death. Killed five of 'em. Sixth shot me in the chest. Armor took most of it, but still entered the body. Bullet was probably dirty. Pulled my knife, gutted the guy like a pig when he tried to search me. Thought I was dead. Rest in peace. Fucking asshole.

Gunshots brought infected. Got bit on the waist. Double whammy. Climbed to the top of that big building near the hotel. Safe from looters and infected. Uniform dirty. Helmet lost. Carbine without ammunition. What a wonderful world.

*Winters breaks into a worse coughing fit than before, this one resulting with him cursing heavily*

Well, whoever's listening in, I'm still up here. Take my shit if you want. Just please put me out. Bury me, if you're that kind. Can't take the easy way out, like Martinez did. 

I'm gonna take whatever time I have left to reflect on my life. Take a little time to relax. Have I deserved it? Who knows anymore.

*A long pause* 

This is former United Nations PFC Paul Winters, signing off. 


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*Jacob scanning the waves listened, catching the transmission just after it started*

"Hey there Paul Winters, my name'd be Jacob M Austin. I knew a guy named Paul, he was UN, but he run off before I could ask him more. Maybe it's you, maybe it ain't. Anyways, that's not why you're here. I'd like to say I know that feeling Paul, but I don't. I was a militia member in Texas, I never liked the UN or the Military, they was too strict, and I didn't qualify for an officer's position. But if that is the Paul I knew, I'm sorry it ended like this for you. I'm too far away and you'd probably be a walker's dinner before I arrived, but I will remember you Paul. 

Where were you from? What memories do you have before the whole thing went to shit? We can create a new world like that. Even if you're not there, we always can."

*Jacob cut out, with a tear forming in his eye and his voice shaky*

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