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"Cowboy, they're here."

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*Kozak reaches for his radio in a hurry, and rushes out a forced whisper, knowing what will happen*

"Tyler, i was able to find the lug wrench and got another wheel on the bus."

*He pauses, listening for the calm, collected footsteps approaching the house*

"But these men, they started following me as i went in to Zelenogorsk. I have no idea what they want from me, or what their intentions are, but i've locked myself in this shed, but i know it won't be enough. "

*Kozak nearly drops the radio from sheer terror as the footsteps approach the door*

"I've left the lug wrench in the house next to the bus, and i have Alex's note, and-"


"Cowboy, they're here."


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Joffrey    718

*Picks up a radio*

I don't know who you are.. but I recommend you stop trusting the "Cowboy". He will pretend to be your friend... and then kill your brothers and sisters behind your back.... friendly warning.. tah-taah,

*Puts down the Radio.

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