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[OPEN FREQENCY] To anyone!

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* Sean pulls a radio from a corpse mangled up against a wall, he checks to make sure a battery was in and he opens the transmission *

Hello? Is anyone out there? ... My name is Sean Kelly, i've probably met some of you before and i would like to start of by saying thank you to the people who saved me and a couple of other civilians at bash earlier today, you know who you are. 

* Static overtakes for a second *

... way. I am a mechanic, i fix cars and stuff and if you need my help just contact me back on the same frequency i am making this message from. No payment is needed but maybe a little food as a donation would be appreciated, there is a catch though which is that you need to provide the tires as i can't carry them in my backpack and are too heavy to carry all the way across Chernarus but other than that, i will fix any vehicle for you!

* Sean closes the transmission and cleans the blood off of it, putting it into his newly found vest *

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Eleonor's head perked up with the familiar sounding man. She turned her head back to her settled backpack and radio whilst standing in her raided abandoned bakery. The tools left untouched but the cupboards scavenged for scraps. She slowly walked to the table side, picking her her radio. Her soft French accent replying to both her saviours and the man.

"Bonjour Monsieur! I am glad to zee you are still alive and chiming like ze blue birds in ze sky!" 

She smiled, a soft sigh of happiness knowing she made it alive was the best feeling she had right now.

"And to ze people who saved mai life? Merci! I will try and bring some sort of zhank you gift of appreziation!"

She turned her head before letting go of her reply button on the semi broken radio she found upon the corpse, her voice changed to a more straight tone. 

"I believe ze people who took us captive are those who are trying to spread ze propaganda. Oui? But why steal from people who would not 'urt a fly... We were just civilians. A baker, muah. An ingénieur and a man who was a cruise captaine... And zey seemed to chime like eet was good to take innocent people and threaten their lives... Zat is all I am going to say on ze matter but I zee this world is more fooked up now than it was before..."

She sighed, the sigh was more depressing now as she muttered the radio captured what she says.

"I never thought I would see a man be killed in front of me... I am not use to zis shit.."

The radio ended with static. Placing the radio to the side she swiped the table with her finger tip collecting dust, "Je suis désolé je vous ai laissé comme ça ..." She slumped herself in her bakery's chair with a saddened look.

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*Murphy sits outside his truck with a few other hitchhikers in the middle of the woods around a nice campfire cookout. He stirs his stew and takes a sip. He proceeds to pull out his radio.*

A fellow mechanic eh? I haven't heard of any other mechanics in these parts for some time now. But I only deal with real grease monkeys.

I got two questions for yah. White walls or black walls and what type of sensors do you prefer on a wheel?

*Murphy puts on his leather jacket and tells the hitchhikers to put the fire out. He pulls out the radio one last time.*

If your interested I am looking for some men like yourself to start up a small mobile mechanic group. Nothing too big but if your a friendly guy then lets see what we can come up with. Murphy out.

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* Sean hears the french lady who had been taken hostage with him as well as another voice which wasn't as familiar *

Hey, i don't know your name but i am glad you made it out alive and i hope you are doing well. Hope we can bump into each other sometime, and have a proper conversation and not in the scenario we last saw ourselves in.

* He giggles *

And to the man who asks me about Mechanics, i do prefer a whitewall tire such as on a Ford Thunderbird and i'm not quite sure on what you mean by sensors, Unless you mean a speed sensor? such as an ABS but other than that, then i'm not 100% my friend. Would be great to meet other mechanics more experienced than myself, was fairly new to the scene before all of this broke out so you most likely have more knowledge

* The broadcast is followed by static, the transmission has ended

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