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My name is George Jeans, and I made a mistake.

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Entry 9

Ugh, I've made a mistake. Stupid old man! After everything that happened around New Paris the other night I decided to travel south, to the coast. The last time I'd been down there it had been quiet, and even if I did run into anyone else I could at least ask them about Chloe. I hadn't forgotten I'd told her I'd get her through that kidnapping safe and I aimed to keep my word. It just kept rolling around in my head, how I kept hearing her smart mouthing the leader of the guys who took us, and taking comfort in it because I knew she was still alive. And after I treated that guy realizing how deathly silent that place was. The way our kidnappers talked, how they just hustled me out.

 Maybe that's why I didn't see the cliff. Stupid old man worrying about things out of my control. Practically walked right off it. Realized just in time to turn my fall into a slide. I'm amazed I didn't break anything, but that's probably because I landed on boggy earth. What I didn't lose on the way down was ruined by the water. All me meds, food, survival supplies, gone because I couldn't get my head out of my ass. Now I'm no use to anyone...

Entry Ten.

Turns out I was quite close to a town when I lost everything. Solnichny its called. Medium sized coastal town, I daresay it was quite pretty before the fall. I grabbed a fresh set of clothes from a house, nothing special, just a shirt and jeans but it was dry and it wasn't ruined. After a bit of light looting I found a bit of food and water, a few basic medical supplies and most importantly a sawn off shotgun. No ammo yet but at least I look a little intimidating. Not that having ammo helped much last time. I still cant believe how useless I was back in New Paris, I was like bloody Bambi in the headlights...

Entry Eleven

 Well, it turns out there is such a thing as good luck in this god forsaken place. In an unassuming house I found a full medical kit under a wardrobe. Blood bag, IV kit, and actual sterile bandages! Finally! Now I wont run the risk of giving someone septicemia when I patch them up. Its the little victories like this that keep you going when you have nothing else.

 After that I made my way up to a small group of factories just north along the coast. There was a medical center, and I managed to get an EMT jacket and pants. At least now I look a little more like myself, and not some highway bandit. Plus as a bonus I found 15 shotgun shells. Not a bad days looting really. My day was cut short by a bit of an ache after I fell down the cliff, so I decided to rest up for a while, catch my breath. I'm still no closer to finding out what happened in New Paris, who my captors were or what happened to Chloe but at least I'm standing, and my screw up hasn't cost me everything.

// Just a small update after the character reset and not being able to get on the server on Saturday!

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