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Kirill Nabokov: The darkness in my soul

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Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Inceptio






Warmth of a place called home. 

I know nothing of that. Those words... Their meaning... Are dead to me. I don’t even care. Never did. My parents never taught me anything of that. They just... had me around. I was more of a burden, than a beloved child to them.

When my coldhearted mother gave birth to me, we were living in a small village near the Black Mountains. I can’t remember the name of my birthplace. I don’t even want to. Why? It’s not important to me. We lived there for a year or so. So I don’t have any memories of that place. We moved to south Zagoria, to the town of Novodmitrovsk. My uncle lived there. Uncle Boris. He wasn’t that bad. He was quite good to me. If I liked something or somebody in this stinking town, it was uncle Boris. He was a good man. Unlike his Brother (my father). He was something totally diferent. A fiend. He was an alcoholic. Constantly beating the shit out of me for no reason. There were nights I was affraid to sleep. Knowing that my father could storm my bedroom and smack me just out of his habit... Fucking durak... And my mother? She just didn‘t care about me. She wanted a girl, not a boy. So her only interest was her job. So, a happy family... The only one I liked was my uncle. He didn’t come to visit very often, but when he did, he always gave me a present. Mostly a chocolate. I liked chocolate. But that was ages ago... Anyway, he died in a car accident. It broke me. Oh the pain of the loss of him. It was nearly unbearable. I remember his last visit. It was a few days after my tenth birthday. „This is a very special gift.“ he told me. „It belonged to your grandfather.“ Without further delays he gave me a narrow but long box. I took it and looked inside. There was a big hunting knife in a sheath. It was beautiful. A simple design, but beautiful. „Don’t tell your father. It will be our little secret, ok? I nodded and hid it so my father wouldn’t know about it. That was the last time I saw him. He died the next day.

After his passing, my life turned into a living hell for me. My father lost his job, so he stayed home and tried to drink himself to the other world. He failed everyday and beat the crap out of me for that. Mother stayed in work till night. But that didn’t mater to me. There was no difference when she was or wasn’t home to me. It wasn’t any better in school either. My classmates hated me and I hated them. I was an outsider in the class. Nobody talked to me. That was completely fine by me. But they yelled at me, bullied me. Oh how I wished to shut them up. Shut them up forever...

Rather than staying home, I decided to go outside and hang only with myself. I took my hunting knife everytime with me. It was a magnificent tool. I liked to try it out on smaller animals. Birds, cats, small dogs. It didn’t really mater. As long as they sufferd, I was satisfied. Once, I wanted to know, what will happen if I stab an eye. Will it explode or will it leak out? So I captured a puppy. Tied him to a tree in the woods behind the town. Slowly touched his eyeball. It was so soft. I took out my knife. And slowly poked the eye of that animal. The dog whined instantly. Shaking his head like crazy. I wanted to do it again. So I grabbed his head and took his remaining eye. Oh I could see the pain (well not in his eyes anymore). Whining and twitching. It started to annoy me. So I stabbed him. Multiple times. Oh that silence. The silence was perfect. Like a harmony to my ears. Torturing animals became a habit of mine from that day. Breaking a bird’s wings, setting cats on fire in boilers, carving with the knife into dogs. All kinds of nasty things...

When I was fifteen, my mother died. What I felt? Nothing. The only thing, that changed, was father. He became more aggressive. If that was even possible. I couldn’t stand it. I had to get away. Somewhere safe from that crazy durak. So one night, when my father wasn’t home, I packed the little I possessed and ran away. After a few days of roaming I found out, that the house of uncle Boris was inhabited. Which was perfect for me. I made it my new home. It wasn’t much, but it sufficed. I was contended with myself. “No more pointless yelling and beating. Blyat! No more foul vodka stench from you! Net! You will not haunt my steps. Not anymore. I make sure of it...“

Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Leaving the bird's nest

Darkness. Nothing but darkness around me. And also cold. Looks like the old house of uncle Boris wasn’t the best choice afterall. But I’ll manage. Somehow. Every place is better than my former home with that mudak in it…

I’ll manage.

I will survive.

It won’t end like this.

I still have things to do.

One thing for sure…

So there I was. Jobless. Alone. In an old moldy house. But I was alive. The thought of killing my father kept me alive. It became something like my everyday prayer. It kept me breathing. It kept me angry. I will get him. But not yet. This will have to wait.” I was weak. The lack of food was slowly taking its toll. In such a desperate situation I became a thief. I was stealing food from a small grocery store on the south of the town. Not far from the industrial area. It was easy to disappear in there. I knew myself around that place. It was an abandoned factory. Sometimes I tortured animals in there… Of course I had to change the stores. Sometimes I even robbed old people for food or kids…

So I was able to live like this for three years. Three fuckin years. Stealing food for my own survival. Getting nowhere close to killing that son of a bitch, called my father. He was still alive. At least that was giving me some hope. I was checking on him. Every single night. Every night I was hiding in front of the prefab, where we used to live as a “happy family”. I smiled back then, when this little phrase went trough my mind. Mother is dead. You’re next! That thought gave me a small joy. And it was immediately wiped away, when I saw that drunk durak waddling to the door. He returned back home every single night drunk as fuck. So I was waiting for the right time to strike. Sure I could jump on him while unlocking the door. End his life in just a second... No! Not like that! I wanted it to be more personal. I wanted him to know, that it’s me, who is killing him!


I started to count the days. Each day I made a cut with my knife. One into my forearm, the other one to the wall of the old house. The pain was a bit of a problem first. But the excitement and ecstasy were stronger. So after a while the pain became managable. After that it was a habit. The wall behind my bed (if you could call a couch that is falling apart a bed) soon became painted with my blood and carvings. It kept me sane. Well... if you can call that sanity.

I found myself a new hobby. I wondered. If hurting myself gave me joy, how would I feel, when hurting other people? I had to find out. I have to do it now! So after realizing this I ran. I ran like hell to my former home. I hid in the bushes in front of the entrance of the prefab as usual. And waited...


Finally, he came home. Drunk as usual. It was dark. I lost the track of time. It wasn’t important to me in that moment. I was waiting for him to unlock the door. When he finally did it, I sliped inside the hallway before the door closed. Luckily, that mudak didn’t noticed anything. So I stayed by the door and waited till he reached the apartment. The fifth floor. It is on the fifth floor. I slowly started to move upstairs. It was dark there. Like a shadow I slowly progressed, holding my hunting knife in my right hand. Squeezing the handle like I was afraid of loosing it. Suddenly, I heard a noise above me. An impact. That drunk kozel rammed the door. I hurried up. After a few stair cases I found him again. He was opening the door to our apartment. When he stepped in, I grabbed his shoulder and turned him around.

Suka blyat, what are you doing?“

He gave me a brief look. His sight stopped at my eyes. His eyes widened after realizing it’s me.

„Ty? You aren’t dead?

I smiled.

„Privjet father.“

Plunged the blade immediately into his left shoulder while pushing him back to the apartment. He fell. I shut the door and slowly walked towards him, holding my knife so sure like never before.  The blade stained in blood, which was slowly dripping from it to the ground. Him lying on the floor, holding his wound. Staring at me. I could see anger mixed with fear in his eyes.

„Chyort! What do you think, you are doing?!“

Without saying anything I came to him, stabbing his other shoulder. Scream. A pleasurable scream pierced my ears.

„I came for you.“

Twisting the blade in his wound. Another scream.

„Look father.“

I left the knife in his shoulder and rolled my sleeves up to show him my injured forearms. Both of them were cut. Some of the wounds were still bleeding.

„I counted the last weeks till our reunion.“

He was disgusted.

„You are crazy!“

I laughed a little.

„Am I?“

His breathing became more havier.

„Glupy durak! I should have killed you a long time ago!“

I pulled the knife quickly out of his shoulder. He sighed.

„Don’t worry. I'm gonna make sure you won’t regret anything else... Ever!“

It was like releasing a mad dog out of his cage. I still remember everything I’ve done to him. Every detail...

I sealed his lips with a duct tape, so he couldn’t draw any unnecessary attention. Then I tied his limbs together. First, I burned his beard. He had a large beard growing over ages. It burned like paper over the gas stove in just a few seconds. He was itching, shaking and trying to get away from the fire. His chin was burned pretty bad.

„That was just an apetizer. It get’s better. You’ll see!“

Now I could see pure fear in his eyes. It gave me more strength. I took the knife to his face. Being aware of what would come next, he started to sweat and shake. I took the blade slowly to his face and made a long cut trough his cheek. He closed his eyes in fear.

„You’re going to watch, durak!“

I slaped him across the wounded cheek. A shiver went across his body. I took the blade to his eye.

„You will watch, or else I’m gonna take your eyes...“

I cut off his ties around his hands. He couldn’t use them properly because of the stab wounds in his shoulders. First I took his right hand and cut the skin between his thumb and the index finger.

„Hurts like hell, does it?

Tears started to drop from his eyes. It made me only happier. So I continued to cut the remaining spaces between his fingers. One by one. Each one accompanied with a subdued scream of pain.

„Now the second one.“

He shook his head telling me to stop. My answer was just an evil grin followed by more cutting. So much blood. His hands were like painted with red colour. It was slowly flowing down his fingers.

„Now, something different.“

The blade slowly touched his left ear. He trembled.

„Oh don’t worry. I’ll take only one of your ears, so you can still hear me properly with the other one.“

I grabbed his ear and made a small cut from the top. He shook his head again, tried to free his ear from my grasp. I made the cut deeper.

„Da! Do it! Rip it out yourself!“

I laughed. He was so pathetic. So weak. Finally! I was in control! It was me! Not him! I made the cut all the way down, leaving a little piece of the ear lobe at the bottom and ripped the ear out with force. The pain was driving him crazy. He bashed his head against the wall. I pulled him away.

„Nyet!. Not yet! I’m still not finished with you!“

Every cut was so pleasant to me and so agonizing to him. I was so excited. So thrilled. I kept going. Cutting and slicing. I took his nose, the other ear, one eye, couple of fingers. Widening the mouth with my knife was extremely painful for him. There was blood all over his body. Under him was a large fen of blood, growing each moment. He was slowly but surely dying. But I wanted more. After looking at him I realised, he won’t last any longer. So I put my left hand into my pocket off my jacket and took out some rusted pliers.

„Well since you can’t withstand more pain, I guess I have to end it...“

I said it with a sad tone. But I was right. His breathing was very weak. I took the pliers, opened his mouth and grabbed his tounge with them. Slowly stretched it out and cut it off.

„Choke on your own blood, sukin syn!“

I watched him die. Just sat there and watched him choking on his blood. After his passing I searched the kitchen. I felt like it wasn’t enough. I found a meat cleaver. Mutilating his body was the finishing act. Severing hthe limbs from the torso, gutting the body... Nobody could recognize him. Not after that kind of thing I did to him. After that I washed myself in the bathroom, put on some spare clothes I found and walked to the exit. In the door I turned my head and looked for the last time to the kitchen.

„Good bye otec...“

I closed the door and left.

Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Posset finis


Standing in the woods behind Novodmitrovsk, heavily breathing and still holding the bloody knife I realised something. It was like I was searching for a purpose in my life. Something, that would fill it. People on this earth are expendable. There is too much of them. Too much of them drawing breath. We are like a plague. A fucking disease. I had to do something. I have to remove them. Put them into rest...

So after killing my father, things took a quick pace. Money was still a big problem for me, because I didn’t work. Naturally, I had to search for “alternative options”. I was still stealing food for a while, till I came across a bandit band. They were looking for new people and I caught their eye somehow. I joined their ranks. They were mainly robbing post offices and small markets. Nothing big. I recieved a pistol and they thought me how to shoot it. Of course I didn’t like it so much as the knife, but I had to know how to use a firearm just in case. When chillin in the hideout I never used to talk much. I always sat aside from the group. Keeping my thoughts to myself. The rest of the group took me for a weirdo. But they learned not to talk to me and to tolerate my presence. I liked it that way. I was never good with people. I didn’t like the long talks. It was all bullshit and a waste of time for me. I prefer a good knife work over talking…

Anyway. It was my first robbery. They’ve decided, that I’m ready. What bullshit! So, we headed to a small grocery store. Four of us. Balaclavas on the heads. Threatening to kill the customers and employees, if they would hesitate to comply. We took the money, alcohol and cigarettes. Hopped in our van and drove away. Pretty easy. This went on for a while. Of course the cops were looking for us, but they didn’t really had any leads. And that gave the group more confidence. They decided to rob a bank. This had to be planned first. So we stayed in our hideout for a couple of weeks. Planning everything for the “big heist”. Everyone was excited. Everyone except me. It has been two months now since I last killed somebody. I started to be nervous. The group noticed it too. They didn’t had a clue. I tried to hide it, but they didn’t give it a much thought because of the upcoming heist. So they stopped asking me what’s wrong.

When the day came, I wasn’t in a good mood. I grew bored with this group. So I came to a conclusion, that after this robbery I will leave them.

We grabbed our gear, got in the van and drove to the bank. I was one of the guys, who should attend to the crowd control. So we pulled out our guns, aimed at the people and watched them, while the rest of us was breaching the safe. The safe opened. Guys started to load the money in the bags. They were so happy. Everything was going as planned. Until I noticed a young woman, sitting behind one of the workdesks. She was reaching for something under the table. I fired a shot. Hit her in the shoulder. People started to scream. Panic took control. I slowly walked towards the girl. „You were trying to sound the alarm for the police, didn’t you, devachka?

She looked briefly at the button under the desk, then right at me. I could see, that she was scared. I looked under the table and saw, that the button was already pushed down. “Silent alarm.” I mumbled to myself. I turned back to her. “That wasn’t really nice of you…” Stabbed her once. Twice. Thrice. At this moment, people started to run away in fear. The guys couldn’t hold them.

“Kirill! Blyat! What the fuck you think you are doing? You fucking madman!” I was still stabbing the girl, even when she was already dead. The blood, the pain flowing trough her whole body, her screams full of agony. This was, what I missed. One of the guys from the crew jumped over the desk to me and looked under the table. “She sounded the silent alarm, we have to leave! Davaj!”

They took, what they could and ran. Leaving me there. I guess it’s time to leave. I ran from the bank and disappeared in the side alleys.

After this incident I went silent for a while. I started to search for people, mostly living alone. Easy targets… The police was searching for me without any luck. I kept killing and butchering innocents for eleven years. Eleven years passed, till the police finally got me. Even then, they couldn’t prove all the crimes I did. They locked me up in a pre-trial detention cell. It was in Novodmitrovsk. My old home. Even without the trial, the verdict was already clear – execution. So this is my end. I thought to myself. I will be finally punished for what I’ve did. Too bad. I wanted to kill more

Chapter 4


Chapter 4: A new world


The messages were spreading like a wild fire. Although, I didn’t payed attention to them. Messages about some sort of a virus. Something like ebola or rabies. The news were full of it. People eating each other in the streets in broad daylight. The officials tried to mask it as riots. But they didn’t realized, that they’ve already lost control over the whole situation. When the western part of South Zagoria was caught in this inferno, I got captured and locked up in Novodmitrovsk. The eastern part was pretty safe back then. I was waiting for my judgment in a cell in the police station. The outcome was pretty obvious even to me – execution. Everybody from the cops were talking about it. They where happy, that they managed to capture me after all this time. They were mocking me. Throwing stuff at me, insulting me. I ignored them. I was just sitting quiet and waiting for what would come. If I was scared of death? Not really. Everybody dies. Sooner or later... We have to die. All of us. We will!

So I just waited. I sat in my cell doing nothing. The cops got slowly nervous from it. They thought I was a complete maniac. I laughed only to myself from that reaction. One person once said: „If somebody is crazy and knows about it, it doesn’t mean he is or will become normal because of it.“

And so the days went by. It slowly begun, even in Novodmistrovsk. It started with the screams. Followed by gunshots and explosions. I heard it all trough the window in my cell. If I have to die, then hearing the innocents scream in agony and seeing utter destruction in the streets is the best gift I could get. My guards got very frustated. They didn’t knew what to do. What could even prepare you for a situation like this? People eating each other in the streets, tearing the bodies apart, the military trying to stop the inevitable without any effect... Nothing.

On that day, humanity ended. The few lucky survivors just went on with their lives. For some individuals it was something marvelous. I was one of them. After watching the scenes from the streets I realized, it was time for me to go. To leave this fucking cell and continue with my „work“. The guards left me alone. So I punched the window glass multiple times, till it broke. It cut my hand. My blood slowly dripped down on the floor. I had to act fast. My captors could return anytime. I hid the glassy piece in my pocket and waited. The screams were louder. Suddenly one of the cops opened the door and closed them quickly as he could, holding an AK-74 in his hand. He was young and frightened. He barricaded the door with a wooden table.

„Don’t move, prick!“

I was sitting still, watching him closely.

„Oh my god! Oh my god! What should I do? WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I DO?!"

„Getting nervous?“


„What’s the matter? Are you loosing it kid?“

„Everyone’s dead! The freaks are trying to get inside. I saw it! I saw it all! They ate all of them! My comrades died to those freaks. They ate them!“

„Hahahahaha! Well isn’t that unfortunate for you? But you can still get alive from this situation, if you play your cards right...“

„What do you mean? Give me one reason why I shouldn’t blow your and afterwards my brains out? It would be the only logical solution!“

I smiled. „Yeah. That’s one way how to do it… But tell me. How bad do you wanna live?”

“I don’t wanna die if that’s what you’re asking!“

„Good. Then let me out and we can escape together. With my help, you will be able to get out from this mess alive.“

„Bullshit! You’re a seriall killer and you were supposed to be executed! There is no way I’m gonna let you out from that cell!”

“Be my guest. But it looks like you’re out of options here kid… The freaks will sooner or later break the door, eat you, and I will be left here in the safety of my cell laughing at your stupidity... Or, you could open the cell door, let me out and help you fight off the freaks. Don’t tell me there isn’t another exit in this building. We could use it to get away. But on the streets… There is no way, you will make it alone.”

A moment of silence broke our conversation. He was considering my words. He knew, he couldn’t make it out on his own and I knew I would rot in my cell. The pounding on the door with inhuman growls comming from the other side made him decide even faster.

“Ok. I’m gonna let you out, but no fucking tricks. I will keep my gun pointed at you.

I nodded. He approached my cell and slowly put out the keys. I stepped away from the cell doors. He opened them and pointed the AK to my face. I walked out without saying anything, waiting for him to speak.

„There is a back door in this station leading to the courtyard. Those things shouldn’t be so collected there like in the streets. But we have to open this door leading to the hallway, and they’re already flooded the station.

„Hahahaha! Well, we could sit here and wait for death, or we will open the doors and take our chances. And I’m certainly not staying here...“ After that I walked to the door and touched the handle.

„Wait! You just gonna open the door and let them in?“

„Da! And you should better prepare your gun, this will be nasty.“ 

Without saying anything more I pushed the table aside and opened the door inside the room and hid behind it. The infected started to walk in. I could hear the kid’s scream and after that shooting like a madman. I waited only a few second, then closed the door. He was fighting with two of them. I put my hand into my pocket and took out the glass shrapnel. Within two jumps I was by him. He thought I was going to help him. But after I’ve killed the first infected, I sank the shrapnel into his guts and punched him in his face. The other freak bit him in the shoulder. He screamed in agony. I quickly got behind him, took the glass and stabbed him in his throat. After that I slowly pulled the shrapnel, slit his throat, made it wide open. He collapsed on the floor. The freak now turned to me. I smiled and stabbed him too. I targeted the neck again, but nothing happened. It seemed, like he had no reaction to pain. He’s response was a large bite in my arm.

„Resilient, are we?“ I pushed the glass as hard as I could right into his temple. Nothing happened. The glass was stuck there. „Chyort pogori!“ I kicked him down on the floor and ran out to the hall. The door in front of me was slightly opened and the name plate said „chief“. I walked in and closed the door, so no more freaks could have the drop on me. It was there! Right on the table. My hunting knife. „So here you are.“ I took it and ran back. The freak with the glass in his head was back on his feet and walking towards me. I squeezed the handle of my knife and rammed the blade right trough his eye until the guard stopped it. He dropped dead. „Looks like, there is a way to get rid of you after all.“ I pulled the knife out of his head and looked on the young cop. He was growling and getting slowly up. „Tchyo za galima?“ I stabbed his temple and he immediately fell on the ground. I took the AK and his vest with additional magazines. „This will definitely come in handy.“ Leaving the police station trough the side exit wasn't so hard. I met only a handful of the infected in the hallway. Luckily the station is located in the outskirts of Novo, so it wasn’t so difficult to leave. When I reached the woods, I turned around and gazed upon the destruction. Screams could still be heard. Some parts of the town were on fire. The smoke slowly rose to the sky. I smiled. No, I laughed as hard as I could. The destruction of mankind has begun. I put the knife to its sheath. When I turned my back to the city, I noticed a couple of survivors in the woods. I loaded the AK and went after them knowing, that nothing could stop me, no police, no government, no fucking system. This „new world“ without any rules, was like  a dream came true. The chaos, people turning against each other and in the middle of all that – me.

Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Back to business


What could I possibly do in a situation like this? The country I was born in went to shit. The infection destroyed it in a blink of an eye. Those few people, who survived ran scared away from the cities. They hid away or went mad and turned against each other. There was (well maybe still is) no escape from Chernarus. The northern borders were guarded by russian military forces. Everything, that tried to pass trough the Black Mountains was eradicated. The sea was barricaded with naval forces, sinking everything that tried get pass them. And the western borders with Takistan were also under heavy protection. The rest of the world left us to die. It looked horrible. Well... not for me. So the obvious answer is: I went on with my life before the destruction – killing people, breaking them down, tearing their souls apart in their last moments. I picked my targets carefully, tracked only some lone survivors or couples. I tried to avoid larger groups. And it payed off. Nobody actually knew about me. I mean, there were rumors about missing people, and some killers, but nobody was hunting me. They didn’t really knew who was behind it. Like I said before: A perfect world…

The bite on my left arm troubled me. After I’ve got out of Novo I saw what happened to those, who were bit. They got fever. It burned them out and after a while the virus started the brain again. That’s how people became one of those walking corpses. So there was it. Just my luck. I’ve escaped from a death sentence only to get killed by a virus. So naturally I started to hunt down as many survivors as possible. If I’m going to die, I’m gonna make sure to take with me as much as possible. Funny thing was, that after a week I was still breathing. Nothing changed at all. I checked the bite everyday. It was still there. Slowly fading away without any effect on my body. I smirked. At that time I didn’t knew I was immune to that shit.

I wasn’t always working alone. Sometimes I needed more people for this kind of a „job“. And in this world I found more open minded people to my cause, than I expected. The first person, who actually aided me was Joe Green. He was a doctor or some kind of a researcher. I didn’t really cared. He didn’t have a problem to kill somebody, who got into his way, but he was  just a father, looking for his daughter. They got separated during the outbreak. Anyway, the reason I was tagging along with him was, that he helped me out. Saved my life actually. I was forced to lock myself in an old house. I got overrun by the infected. It looked pretty nasty. When they finally broke in I started to pick them one by one with my knife. When the first ones dropped dead, multiple explosions and gunshots could be heard from outside. After walking trough the pile of dead corpses I stepped outside the house and saw a man. He introduced himself as Joe. That’s how I met him. When I found out, that he is a righteous man, I wanted to leave. Yes I could have easily killed him and I planned it too, but something was telling me to wait. On our travels we met a russian fellow called Dimitri Pavlov. Now he was something else than Joe. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill anybody for his own benefit. I liked him. So I decided to let Joe live a little longer. Maybe we could change him with Dimitri. Help him understand our picture. And if not, dispose of him. It never came to that. Once, we were passing trough a village called Gorka. We met this fellow, what was his name? I can’t remember. But that durak was from the Chedaki. He was talking big and tried to provoke us. I stayed for the whole time quiet. But Joe mentioned, that I was a seriall killer.  In that moment, I wanted to execute him right on the spot for that. But I didn’t had to. Dimitri got himself in a fist fight with that chedaki kozel. After he knocked that prick out, Joe wanted to take his blood. He was a kind of a collector. But before he stuck the needle into his vein, we were under heavy fire. When I tried to get to some cover, something hit me in the back of the head and I fell unconcious on the ground. After I woke up, I was still in Gorka. It was after dusk.  The cold body of Joe was lying right next to me. At least this problem has been solved on its own... I stood up and left Gorka. The rotten ones were closing in, so I had to get away asap. I never met Dimitri or somebody from the chedaki again. 

I wandered some time alone and I met an interesting man. His job before the apocalypse was diggin graves. Dom Drake was his name, but he liked to call himself the Gravedigger. Apparently he went mad in his job. Shortly after the outbreak he hunted down innocent people and burried them, mostly alive. We made a perfect team. We travelled toghether for a longer time. I remember this german family we met with Dom. A father with his daughter. Karl and Laura. The girl was a bit odd. She claimed, that she could see and speak with her dead mother. We sticked to them for our obvious reasons. They believed, that we would help them to go to a certain area... To make it short, we took them hostage behind the church in Novy Sobor. Dom introduced himself as the gravedigger and knocked Laura out with his shovel. Afte she woke up, he was standing over her, digging a grave right next to the spot, where she was lying. She was scared. She cried and prayed to her mother. Karl tried to calm her down. We went on for a while, torturing them physically and mentally. In the end Dom asked Karl a very simple question: „Would you do anything for your daughter? Would you even die for her?“ After hearing the answer yes, he shot him in the head right where he stood. He burried him while Laura was unconscious. When she woke up, she saw us standing by a freshly burried grave. When she realised what happened, we laughed and left her there, all tied up.

There was one more person, who was helping us - Nikita Vasyliev. With these two guys we managed to „cleanse these lands“ from many people... But it was too good to last. When we were sepparated for a longer time. Dom went dark on the radio. He dissapeared one day without saying a word. I’m not sure what happened to him, but I doubt he’s dead. Same goes for Nikita. He joined a group called the Reapers. He sent me a message, that he was joining them and that he would help me, if I had any troubles. After the shattering of the group he went silent too. So I was alone again. Surviving and hunting people on my own. I always ended up alone. Like I said, I was never good around people. But at that time I didn’t knew, that soon I would be a part of something much more bigger…


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That was...so incredibly disturbing...but good at the same time...

One hell of a chapter. Keep it up!

Thanks for the support.

Always :D

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Guest TehWiggler

I need chapter four. this is my kind of story. xD love your writing style! BeanZ for you :)

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Amazing story keep it up man! :)

Thank you.

I need chapter four. this is my kind of story. xD love your writing style! BeanZ for you :)

Thanks man. I appreciate it.

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Good entries buddy, keep 'em coming! :D

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Really enjoyable, love the entries. Can't wait for chapter 5 ! :D:)

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Very nice and detailed backstory on why your character is the way he is :)

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Very nice and detailed backstory on why your character is the way he is :)

Thanks man. The past is finished. Now I can focus on the things, that happened IG.

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Chapter 4 was my favorite one. Really well written, like from a novel. Hope you keep this work up dude :)

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Chapter 4 was my favorite one. Really well written, like from a novel. Hope you keep this work up dude :)

Forcing myself to finish chapter 6. It will be out, definitely. Just don't know when.

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