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Ted Bear [CHAPTER 1]

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Name: Ted Bear 

Character Description: "Ted Bear" is a man in his prime. Emotionless face. Eyes that can cut beams. Rockin' some proper man fuzz on his face and he is not afraid to throw down if need be. He cares about himself. Only about himself. The same cannot be said about the people he meets! it want always like this 

Backstory: "Ted" was once a family man. He had a wife and 2 kids.. 1 named lizzy, the other Jess.. He had no job, he use to be a craftsman .. but that was before the recession hit! This is a man desperately trying to provide for his family but he could no longer afford the rental payments on his Caravan. They had to move back home, back to Vybor. The same place he promised himself he would never return. 

Many years ago when Ted was but a child. His Father was a drunk. His Mother was scared of making his Father upset. All day, everyday, whilst his father sat in his chair smoking and drinking bourbon. He would make Ted do things he didnt want too. Things he shouldnt have had to do. and if he didnt do those things. He would be beaten, burned or kicked outside for long periods of time. Ted spent most of his childhood outside. Playing in the forrest. He got use to being outside in the wet that after a while he started to not hate it as much. It was his "Safe Place" A place where he could do what he wanted and no one to tell him otherwise.


Ted and his wife where arguing over bills and worrying about how to put food on the table for their 2 angels. this went on for months. He was thinking about selling his old mans Magnum to pay for food but with the riots in the area, he thought he might need it later. 

A couple nights pass. Ted wakes up in the night and turns on the TV, he see's riots in the streets. as he looks closer he see's people knocking others down and eating them! not far from his home he hears an explosion followed by gunfire. he quickly runs to the window to look out. Ted is scared. he was overcome with fear! He rushed to his wife and kids. He tried to explain to them what was happening outside and told them to get some supplies, get to the car and go!. Neighbours where doing the same. 

As they made there way to the car his wife got bit by some homeless person. She screamed in pain Ted pulled out his Magnum and fired 2 shots into the guys chest. HE JUST KEPT COMING! Ted fired 1 more round into the guys skull. He wasnt moving any more. He hurried his family into the car. It was a long drive to the border. 

Hours go by and he his running very low on fuel. a few miles down the road the car chugs to a halt. "Dammit" He needed fuel but its another mile before the next gas station. He goes to the boot of the car and gets a Jerry Can. He told his wife and kids to stay in the car until he gets back. His wife wasn't doing too well. She was very tired and running a fever. Ted made it 100m before he heard screams coming from back at the car. He throws down the jerry can and starts running as fast as he can towards his family. When he got there, he witnessed his wife, attacking their children. She had bit both of them! Ted knew what he had to do. He aimed... and said with tears in his eyes and a shake in his voice "Im so sorry....I love you all" BANG ... BANG ... BANG....

Let me know what you guys think. if its too much or too little

I hope to see you guys soon :)

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