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The servers are in-fact down because stone cold said so. But we have plenty of opportunities to play together in other games OR just chat about gaming in general.

Add some funny videos, get away from the sad DDOS forums!

Here's a few popular interpersonal and co-op games ones i know of:

Left 4 dead 2 

Arma 3: altis life asylum server (whitelisted, semi RP, large fan base)

Arma 3: therevolutiongaming altis life mod, Hosted by my friend foamy (hope you enjoy my terrible texture work)

7 days to die

Space engineers

Red Orchestra 2

Payday 2 (even though they severely ruined it and the fan base several months ago)

and of course....Minecraft...


I just figured i'd make a thread where perhaps people who only play on dayzrp together, can chill out in another game while the servers are down. Or maybe just talk to eachother!   I'm seeing the community become more and more hostile because of the attacks, we just have to remember, the people are what make this site great, The game itself isn't that relevant. Its about RP and we all are capable of providing fun for ourselves and others.

Anyways i think its about time we start gaming/ chilling together, i wont let this DDOSing wanker ruin my time. I'm not going to keep spamming the refresh button on the server list either.

Please don't let this turn into a pissed off DDOS thread, ONLY fun is allowed here.

So chill out, relax post some memes, meet some friends and get your game on captain crunch ;)



Check this out for awesome CO-OP Left 4 dead-esque gameplay




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