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Sean Kelly

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My name is Sean Kelly ... This scenario that we all find ourselves in today has driven me to pretty much insanity, i'm what they'd call a split personality ... One minute i'll be all kind and sweet and the next i'll be threatening you with a gun, that's just how the world works now.

I was born and raised in the United Kingdom, the place of Tea and crumpets. I am 22 years old and i had to work to get where i got today, before all this shit went down that is ... I am a Mechanic, i fix vehicles for a living and i fucking love it, need a job doing to your car? i'm the man to call. It all started when i had finished at work for the summer and me, my wife and 2 kids decided we would take a holiday rather than sit inside the house for 4 months and of course we chose the only place we could afford, Chernarus. On the brochure it looked beautiful, big open fields with a couple of cattle surrounded by trees, we wondered why it was so cheap to go there but we did anyway.

We were about 3 hours into our flight when turbulence began to kick in, typical thing that would happen i pondered and continued to read a complementary magazine which was folded up next to my seat. I look back at my wife to make sure her and the kids were okay, she smiled and i turned back around, once again reading the crumpled up book ... Every fucking 2 minutes, turbulence would kick in. I had drifted to sleep when alarms were wailing and the mask was dangling in front of my face, whilst my eyes un-blurred i threw on the mask with no hesitation, preparing myself for what was next ... Would i ever see my wife and kids again? I had blacked out. 

What seemed like forever i had come to, i opened my eyes to see that 2 men wearing masks were taking essentially everything on the plane that had value, i looked over and saw my wife hiding under an upside down seat holding it up with all of her strength. The men had left at that point so i crawled over to her, checking her over making sure she was okay she began crying before she pointed to 2 small bodies next to each other in the seats behind mine ... My jaw dropped and my eyes welled up, i rest my head against my wife's and we sat there, weeping.

We had fell asleep once again, waking up to the sound of what seemed like a growl. We crawled out of the gap at the back of the plane, stood up and walked down a beach ... As we walked, i comforted my wife trying to make her forget about the children. We stumbled across a man who had instantaneously pointed his gun at us, telling us to give him our stuff, we had nothing but before i could tell him that, my wife had sprinted forward snatching the gun out of his hands and pulling the trigger on herself. I fell to my knees once again bursting into tears, i thought'd i'd do the same as i have nothing left to love anymore. I grab the pistol and slowly raise it to temple, bracing to pull the trigger, a man approached and talked me out of it. 

I never recalled that mans name but i must find him to thank him for saving my life, i still have a picture of my wife and kids so i know that they are always by my side. Today i constantly travel, meeting new people everyday, i try to avert the topic of conversation from the typical "So whats your story?" due to what has happened. If you come across me i am a friendly fellow and if you need me, i am typically in the north roaming around if not in the south getting together some stuff for trade. My name is Sean Kelly and this is my story ....

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