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"Buzz" Appraisal game ~

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Due to a lot of various opinions and thoughts regarding the "Awards & Nominations for this year".

Sometimes competitions are not always fair and equally represent people so.

Dont be a sweaty nerd and ruin the fun!


Thought it would be nice to play a game I did years ago to influence better communication and compassion between people, we basically "give positive praise" to people we know either OOC or IG, "for a good reason". 

[Don't just talk about your mates that you play with in TS and see every day, talk about other people you don't always see IG/OOC]

For example.


[username of person] Volke 


[align=left]The guy has nerves of steel and a big enough heart to be able to do things for the benefit of others and put them before himself.

[align=left]A straight up champ IG and out of game!He made various events not for a rank or reward so that all could enjoy in the game of RP & genuinely try to take some time away from our shit lives :P




[align=left]From the first moment I arrived at the gates of valhal...oops, I mean DayzRP.

[align=left]Sin was not always an official staff member, but always helping individuals with their Storylines/Narratives and constantly posting and sending messages to assist the new comers to RP.

[align=left]Intellectually capable & always providing great unique rp especially during the Mod years.. he became a "legend".




During the mod we had our disagreements, group conflicts a few reports, sometimes I too act like a complete knob cheese without thinking. But after the Mod ended realized just because you have disagreements with someone OOC doesn't mean you talk shit behind peoples back or make snarly comments. all said and done. Wunsleh was easily one of the best leaders of any group and achieved notoriety through SVR's storyline. IG we may of been enemies but OOC, you put solid effort and time into your group and deservingly made you one of the most famous groups in RP history. 

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