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Hello Everyone

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So I want to introduce myself. Im Nick, but I play as Corwin. if you ever have the honor of finding me in game, make sure you take a picture. Why? Because I avoid people at all costs. I don't trust any of you or your characters and Corwin has learned first hand that staying clear of people is in his best interest. Some call me a hermit, some call me crazy Corwin, some even call me paranoid Corwin. I call myself cautious and safe. The less time I spend around people, the longer I live. So if you see me make sure you say hi and take a picture to prove to your friends that you have found me.

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Hello and welcome to the DayZRP Community Crazy_Corwin !  I hope you have a fun and great time on DayZRP!

If you have any questions you can take a look on the Forums of contact any of the Community Helpers.

And I can definitely recommend the Newcomer Guide for the tips.

A tip: Dont aviod to many people. Its a RP server/Community! ;)

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Welcome to the community lad

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Well welcome to the community! If you have any questions feel free to contact a Community helper (Guys with the orange name).

But enjoy your time here!

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